Ashley (Lee) Minehart

ashleeminehartheadshotI am a nomad at heart whose sense of wonder and love of exploring new cultures and places has been known to create the most amazing and unbelievable stories (please ask, they will have you laughing for days). I find joy in the uncertainty of not knowing where I will end up when I arrive at a new destination and often let fate take me on my journey. I’m a lover of any type of market whether it’s open food, artisan, or even a flea market.

After studying abroad in Australia and creating my own cultural experiences with locals from other countries I visited, I knew that international education is where I wanted to be. However, my journey is one that is only just beginning.

I have finally decided to follow the career path of my heart and help students in a whole new way. I want to help guide and mentor students into becoming creative, open minded, humble seekers of knowledge and change.

Change is something we have to embrace and be willing to take a risk on, because in the end the journey always outweighs the destination if your eyes are open enough to see it.