Amanda Knox’s Appeal Date is Set

Amanda Knox in court (AP photo)

According to CBS news, Amanda Knox’s appeal trial will begin on November 23rd, 2010.  This leaves Ms. Knox is an Italian prison for another five months before the case is heard.

She did appear in court yesterday regarding the more recent slander charge.  Knox, in her defense testimony, claimed that the Italian police hit her on the back of the head.  The police deny this allegation.

With the recent claim that there is new possible evidence in this case, with a claim that the missing house keys and knife used in the murder can be located, the appeal will no doubt be headline grabbing.

I write about Ms. Knox’s case as she was a study abroad student while in Italy. While this blog receives MANY comments about the possibility that Ms. Knox is innocent or guilty, I am curious to hear your thoughts on how your institution has adjusted its program delivery as a result of the Amanda Knox case.   What concerns you about study abroad in Italy, or elsewhere, as a result of this case?