Melibee Global Update

Coming up on Melibee Global:

*  Part 2 of Carrie Wagner’s interview.  Carrie is the author of Village Wisdom.  (Here is part 1 for those who haven’t seen it yet.)

*  Commentary on the Amanda Knox case.  A controversial movie about the case will air on Monday, February 21st on Lifetime channel in the US.  It will also be followed by a documentary about the case.  I’ll once again explore how this impacts study abroad.

*  “To fee or not to fee – THAT is the question”:  I’m considering writing about this hotly debated issue.

*  Announcement about a new international speaker – stay tuned!

*  A guest blog about diversity in international education.

*  Blog to reflect on the 30 mosques presentation.  I spoke with some students who saw the presentation and it makes me want to attack the keyboard with their feedback!

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or to comment on this post (you do not need to register) to tell me what you’re interested in hearing more (or less) about.  As always, I am open to reviewing guest blog postings, so feel free to email to discuss.

Have a great week everyone, wherever you are in the world!