Embracing Delicious Ambiguity

delicious2Has anyone felt a shift happening these past few months?  We are definitely feeling some sort of shift at the hive.  People are moving, projects are changing, life is happening.  Stress can be a byproduct of these types of life experiences.  So, in true Melibee fashion, we have lots of conversations in the hive and between members that others may consider uncomfortable.  For us, they are simply authentic communication.  When we get down to the root of any difficult issue (in the hive or in life) we often realize that lack of control about our circumstances and/or surroundings are a tremendous source of stress and therefore result in a desire to gain some control.

Natural, right?  We’re human.  We want to know where we’re going, what our futures are, if our decisions are sound, what the outcome will be.

Except we don’t have a crystal ball.  No one does.

To kick off our last team meeting, I shared the following quote by a woman who died too young, Gilda Radner.  (For those of you who don’t know, Gilda was one of the original comedians on  the US TV show “Saturday Night Live”. She died of ovarian cancer in 1989.)





Delicious ambiguity.

Let that perfection soak in for a minute.

Delicious ambiguity.

While we all go through shifts in our lives at home, they often seem to be even more difficult because we’re HOME.  We are in our own culture and in the US culture, planning and forcing an outcome is our norm.  We are goal setters. We live with the burden of constantly progressing.  We forget about the fine art of BEEing sometimes.

When we are abroad, we are often more excited and open about embracing the ambiguity.  Waking up in a new place and not knowing exactly what the day will bring, what will inspire, what will be learned (even if it means getting lost in the process) somehow holds value to us. It becomes a great traveler story for later!

But in our home culture not knowing can be excruciating.  It causes us to lose sleep.  To make poor decisions.  To lose our composure.  To cry.  To be frustrated.

Yet somehow in those moments of uncertainty when we’re abroad, we learn how to embrace that delicious ambiguity.

Our team reflected on this quote.  They all came to love it by the time we shared our authentic thoughts.  For some, it took minutes, for others it took days.  But when we live fully we do embrace the unknown – that delicious ambiguity – that makes life such an adventure.  This adventure means that we can’t always see what is around the bend in the road or that we don’t know what will happen if we make a right instead of a left at that fork in the road, but if we trust that it is the journey we’re meant to be on in that moment, it is ALL good.  When you believe you are exactly where you are meant to be, you’ll truly begin to embrace the delicious ambiguity.

Know that we all go through these moments in life where we want to resist change, myself included.  Instead of beating ourselves up, we can ask ourselves what we’ve learned from the experience.  There is always a lesson.

Choose to learn the lesson and to take the adventure.  Life is so much more beautiful when we do.