5 BIG Changes at Melibee Global

So much is brewing over here at the Melibee hive, and I’m not talking about coffee! This covid season has either gently nudged or forcefully tossed so many of us into some serious choice points. Imagine approaching a fork in the road and having to make a decision about which path to take…daily? That is what covid has been for so many of us. It gets more complicated when you’re a small business owner. Those like me who reside in this courageous category have no guarantee of a paycheck each week. Despite that, it is the best place to be in terms of creativity – and I will continue to reside here for some time, no doubt!

We have reached many choice points in the last year. Some of the changes I’m sharing today were already in the works, but others were certainly crystallized by covid. We expect they’ll shift us from a covid period of chrysalis to something resembling a butterfly! 😉

Here are five big changes upon us:

1) The Melibee Global website will change. Why? Because we have changed and we have been having an identity crisis for too long. We started out full on international education. We morphed, well before the pandemic, to a boutique speaker agency. Our speaker work needs its own site and it is coming.  The Melibee site will focus more on teaching in community and cool professional development.

2) The Career Pivot (TCP) will focus on courses and coaching. Why? Because I have lived many career pivots by choice and I think they’re pure magic. Stimulating. Exciting. Informative. I am committing to teaching others how to demystify this process. You, too, can pivot. Trust me. (Click here for some free tips on pivoting careers.) I’ll be interviewing the former President of Career Builder, Sasha Yablonovsky, on November 17th to talk about career trends – feel free to join us for free – register here.

3) Diversity has been a value that we have taken seriously. We took the time long before Black Lives Matter to audit our own team and speaker roster and to make changes accordingly. I’m really pleased that 78% of our speaker roster is diverse. We will continue this as a key value.

4) I will continue one on one coaching in all areas of careers that I am confidently skilled in – including international education, career pivoting, small business strategy, and more.

5) We now have a Patreon button at Melibee Global to support our efforts to keep creating  with authenticity. We are well known for spitting truth about international and higher education, career pivots, and so much more – and that will not change. Having some ongoing support during this ongoing pandemic will allow us to do so. If you’d like to learn more about being a patron (and each tier comes with a unique benefit!), click here.

What changes are happening in your world as a result of clarity or directly because of the pandemic? Please contact me and let me know. I’d sincerely love to hear how you’re flowing, changing, and adapting!