Colin Wright

Colin Wright had it all –  a great career in Los Angeles and more success than he envisioned after college. He left it all to travel abroad. 65 countries later, he shares his thoughts about funding travel through entrepreneurship and living with intention.

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Living (Abroad) as Work Experience

Making travel a part of your life needn’t be a far-off dream you never make happen, or awkward gap on your resume. Colin has been a global nomad since 2009. Prior to the age of 24, he had never left the US. Through his inspirational stories and practical take-aways, he illustrates how you can balance your desire to see the world and live on your terms with the realities of the working world, both during and after college. (Yes, it IS possible!)

Minimalism, Success, and an Intentional Life (at home or abroad)

In this inspiring talk, Colin tackles the tug-of-war between monetary success and living an intentional life – one filled with purpose. His framework for thinking about success and priorities will help you simplify the path toward your goals, and shows the relationships between seemingly disparate aspects of our lives and how they are actually connected and adjustable. Colin has traveled full time since 2009 and has redefined his own purpose and success, including drastically decreasing the number of material items that hold “value” to him. His tales of how full time travel abroad (and domestically) influenced his decisions will encourage you to closely examine your next steps!

Interview and Q&A with Colin

Colin is a millennial with a wealth of knowledge about the value of travel abroad, pushing our comfort zones, how to immerse in culture, entrepreneurship, intentional living, minimalism, creating an expat lifestyle, publishing, and countless other topics.  Sometimes the best way to share his knowledge is to simply interview him and have a robust Q&A session. He especially appreciates the opportunity to be interviewed by students who are perfecting their crafts.

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“Colin was a great speaker option for us because students could relate to his story about his life and his passion for travel, that he never knew he had until started to live his dreams.  Colin not only empowered students to travel, but to travel as an entrepreneur and live the minimalism lifestyle.  From his talk to his books, you’ll see why Colin has a true passion to share with others his passion for traveling the world.” -John Gradel, Assistant Director, Center for Global Engagement, Lock Haven University

“I had and continue to follow Colin’s travels across the globe and found his writing style to be mesmerizing. I was fortunate enough to have Colin come into my universe as a highly recommended speaker for TEDxWhitefish 2015, and was quite ecstatic that our board selected Colin as a speaker. Colin’s talk went over great with the audience and had many remarks after the event that his talk was the one that resonated the most with them afterwards. ” – Cassandra Sunell, TEDxWhitefish

“Colin has the ability to make you pause and think differently about your approach to each day. As a poised, wise and witty speaker, audiences of any kind will not be disappointed.”  – Kelly Underell, Deputy Director, Colorado Innovation Network, COIN Conference

“Colin joined us as a speaker at the inaugural I/OWA event in October 2013. His message about work/life balance, executing on your ideas, and letting your life guide your work resonated well with our community of entrepreneurs.” – Geoff Wood, I/OWA Conference

“In what has become a moderately noisy field, Minimalism and Simplicity, I found Colin’s work to be excellent, intriguing and above the rest. MeSimple showcases people who have become extraordinary examples of fulfilled lives through simplification and a deep connection with nature, and at our event in Boulder, Colin provided a compelling and entertaining ½-hour presentation, and he was one of the highest ranked speakers in our follow-up survey. Colin has a strong command of the subjects that he speaks on, and I believe he would make an excellent addition for any organization working to present alternative lifestyles.” – Scott Edwards, MeSimple Conference

“Colin Wright speaks with a vibrant passion, infusing his audience with both excitement and direction. A unique and worldly life path brings fascination, while a relatable Midwestern charm brings connection. I have seen Wright give talks on writing, travel, graphic design, minimalism, and more. Each time, I walked away feeling as though I had a new perspective on my own life . . . something to apply . . . something learned. I look forward to my next opportunity to see Colin speak.” – Carrie Koepke

About Colin

Colin Wright is the author of over 30 books, the host of the Let’s Know Things podcast, and the co-founder of Asymmetrical Press. He’s traveled full-time since 2009 and shares his experiences with and thoughts about living more intentionally, passionately, and successfully with audiences around the world. His blog, Exile Lifestyle, brings in millions of readers each year.

After starting his first business—a magazine—while in college, Colin moved from his home in Central Missouri to Los Angeles, where he started a branding studio. The studio flourished, and he found himself at a crossroads: living the life he’d always dreamed of, but finding himself stressed, unhealthy, and unhappy. That moment proved to be a catalyst, which resulted in his getting rid of everything that didn’t fit into a carry-on bag, re-scaling his business so he could run it from his laptop, and hitting the road: moving to a new country every four months, the country voted upon by his readers.

Colin has been featured by hundreds of newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, and podcasts around the world. He’s given four TEDx talks in four different countries and has keynoted conferences and spoken at schools, from elementary level to universities. He’s toured extensively, and has presented in all lower 48 states and in dozens of countries, to audiences of ten and audiences of thousands.

Through his talks, Colin tells stories and adds context to topics ranging from minimalism and intentionality, to entrepreneurship, working travel, and how to cultivate passion without derailing your career.

Colin received his BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Missouri State University in 2007.

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