Matthew Abrams

Matthew is a social entreprenuer, empowering others to use their superpowers for good.

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Social Entrepreneurship

It’s clear that the often-extractive ways businesses operate is not sustainable. It this talk, Matthew illustrates how businesses can increase profitability by embedding social and environmental responsibility. Drawing on case studies, principles and frameworks, the audience will leave with actionable tools to begin evolving their business ideas in ways that deepen their purpose, social impact and financial profitability.

Matthew in Nepal - meeting a new friend.

Discover Your Compass

While there is much value in the traditional education system, one also needs guidance in discovering our life’s purpose. In this talk, Matthew Abrams shares how a deeply transformational layer of his education began once his formal schooling ended. By exploring dozens of countries as a photographer, travel writer and cultural anthropologist, Matthew gained valuable insights into what it takes to discover our unique purpose and apply it to the world in a viable vocation. The audience will leave this talk with a broader perspective of options available to them, an excitement to explore our world, and concrete tools needed to refine purpose.


“The Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding at Queens College/CUNY invited Matthew Abrams to speak at our annual Innovation Exchange. The theme that year was Re-Imaging America: the Arts, the Classroom, Race and Ethnicity, and Social Change. Matthew captivated the audience with an enthusiastic, well informed, and visionary presentation of an innovative and practical learning process to help people claim their passion and make it a reality.” – John Vogelsang, PhD, Associate Director, Michael Harrington Center at Queens College

“I invited Matthew as speaker for TEDx NewHaven in 2012 where he gave an incredibly powerful and evocative talk on the future of education. Matthew is a passionate, visionary and energetic speaker who captivated our TEDx audience from the moment he stepped on stage. He made us dream, laugh and by the end of his talk had not only inspired us to re-imagine education, but also outlined a clear path of how how we can get there.” – Sunnie Groeneveld, Yale University

“Odyssey Community High School invited Matthew as our keynote speaker for our 2015 graduation services. The mission of our school includes cultivating an authentic sense of self, and Matthew’s address perfectly embodied the journey of self-discovery and search for purpose we hope to inspire in our students. He was relatable, uplifting, and captivated our audience!” – Megan McCarter, Director of Programs, Odyssey Community High School

“It’s clear that Matthew is of the small percentile of entrepreneurs that not only understands what future leaders need, but he also embodies it. In a world where companies are scrambling to be more “green” and “sustainable,” Matthew’s systemic approach enabled Sustainable Brand conference attendees to clearly see how they can shift their thinking from a 10% improvement to a 10x transformation.” – KoAnn Skrzyniarz, Founder & Chief Executive, Sustainable Life Media & Sustainable Brands

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TedX New Haven

TedX Furhman U

Regenerative Entrepreneurship

About Matthew

Matthew Abrams has spent seven years traveling in dozens of countries, as a photographer, and a travel writer on the path of global citizenship, pushing the limits of what’s possible. He’s challenged himself spiritually and physically working on a fishing boat in the Bering Sea, living within an underground artist collective outside in Cuba, herding cattle on horseback on the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana, training for a Permaculture Certification in Nicaragua, serving as an organic farmhand in New Zealand, and camel-backing through the Thar Desert in India. Through these experiences and hundreds of others, he’s grown an understanding of what it takes to discover the place where your gifts meet the needs of the world. Matthew’s life work illuminates the possible paths toward purpose and self-discovery in ways off the beaten path. He deeply understands that being a global citizen is less about travelling to different countries and more about viewing the world with an understanding that we are all connected. You will leave his presentations with a deeper belief in yourself, your passions and what you believe you’re capable of accomplishing. Matthew is the co-founder and vision keeper of Mycelium,  a not-for-profit that hosts learning community experiments in education that encourages people who are committed to activating their fullest potential and creating solutions to the challenges and opportunities of our times. His writing and award-winning photography has been published domestically and abroad in publications such as National Geographic Israel, Stanford Social Innovation Review, The New York Times, the Guardian of London and he is an Ambassador for the National Geographic partner The Matador Network.

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