Santos is a musician, spoken word artist, educator and social change agent.  His words – whether sung, spit, or spoken – will change your world view and empower you to engage in your community in a whole new way.

Speaking Options

GlocalSoul- Identity in a Global and Local Context

Can you see yourself globally, the impact and expanse of your habits, consumption, colloquialisms, and culture on your local community and the rest of the planet? We will explore multiculturalism and the social construct of race as parts of our identity and mapping ones values and sense of place locally and globally to understand how they intersect. Participants explore their ancestry, and cultural Identity. We will identify and challenge our own cultural norms while exploring other perspectives. Participants leave with insight and tools on understanding their place and power in the world starting with self and expanding on a local, regional, national, and global level. You’ll have a greater awareness of how you identify in a local “Glocal” context.

Changing the World by Changing Me – Individual Transformation that Empowers Healthy Collective Social Change

It’s profound and almost cliche the idea of being the “Change” you wish to see in the World. How does one go about being and sustaining that change in their daily lives? In addition how does one apply this change to their work in the world?  How does one balance dedication to improving oneself and expanding awareness to include action in a world rampant with inequity in Environmental and Social Justice. Participants will walk away drawing conclusion and making connections between their core values and beliefs and how they can use a “practice” to empower themselves, and then how best to apply the change one makes within to the change in the world around them on a grand scale and daily practical level.  This presentation or workshop involves the use of breath, movement arts including TaiChi’chiGung, Yoga, and Affirmations.

Live your Dream- Poetic Personal Mission Statement, Goal setting and Dream Mapping (Workshop)

This session is IDEAL for those who are about to enter college or who are underclasswo/men in college. Santos asks the question: Is your professional/academic program of study aligned with your core values and Dream? Participants will identify their core values and create a personal mission statement in the form of a short poem or song.  We will  assess our talents, passion, and accrued soft skills while referencing our DREAM profession and lifestyle. Finally participants will assess what skills, training, and experiences are needed to “Live their Dreams”.  

Selected Media


“There is something special about Santos–something potent and deep. I heard him at a conference I attended recently and immediately booked him for my annual event.” – Patti Digh, Author of Life is a Verb and 7 other books and Cultural Trainer.

About Santos

Jonathan Santos aka “Santos”, of African American and Puerto Rican descent was born in New York City but was raised in Asia. He completed high school in Japan, lived in South Korea and studied abroad in China. He is an artist, poet, songwriter, cultural organizer and father. Often recognized for his role in the documentary “American Textures,” his works focus on social, intra-personal, and environmental justice, always starting with self as his latest CD title I’m Changing the World, by Changing Me suggests. Santos is a change agent, connecting the power of spoken word, music, storytelling and performance for people of all ages. His work in schools and colleges ignites young people to think about their role in this world and using their voices for powerful good. He is also especially engaged in the African American community to empower and heal the youth of the next generation and to find pathways for young African Americans to join the world table and define themselves in a positive local and global context. His presentations and workshops will propel attendees to explore and discover their paths – not only in their community, but in this world – and he will do it with heart, soul, and inevitably a dash of spoken word and song, as his guitar follows him everywhere! Santos is greatly influenced by Tai-Chi , is a Sifu instructor and earned a BA in Political Science.

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