Candace Doby

Candace Doby offers real talk about what motivated her to travel abroad as a black woman, how her first trip abroad at 27 changed her, and how she used skills gained from travel as a marketing executive at Chipotle Mexican Grill.

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Travel, Being Black & Doubt

Candace Doby didn’t begin traveling internationally until she was 27. The opportunities to do so beforehand were muddled in fear of physical harm, rejection from people at home and abroad, and fear of failure. It wasn’t until she read books, heard tales from friends, and did research that she began to recognize the value of travel.  In this presentation, Candace, who has now traveled solo and accompanied to 14 countries, shares her thoughts on engaging people of color to go abroad, using her own perspective as a black woman navigating race and power in this world. Sharing personal travel stories and ways to support black students to identify and manage their fears about traveling abroad through a framework of courage. She also offers how travel can help one have a more global understanding of self and serve as a tool for a more robust career.  

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Article by Wesleyan College (GA)


“When I read Candace’s biography and topic description for her “Travel, Being Black, and Doubt” talk, I knew immediately that her message would align with everything Wesleyan College values — diversity and inclusion, globalization, and preparedness for life after college. As study abroad professionals, we recognize trends in the types of students who choose to go abroad and which students show more trepidation, but it feels like there is little more we can do than market diverse program offerings and advise students with reassurance through their fears. Candace’s message resonated both with the student audience and with me. The students nodded along, offering their input about their fears and what holds them back from international travel. Candace’s topic drew a diverse crowd of students — many who vocalized their concerns about being black and feeling even more foreign abroad than they sometimes do at home, and others who wanted to explore their racial privilege and understand what holds their peers back from experiencing what seems so natural to other students. When Candace broke into her riff on Kendrick Lamar’s “Fear,” the students instantly and visibly engaged with her personality and message. I hosted the talk with the hopes of opening doors for my students that seemed previously closed — by giving voice to their fears and answers to their questions. But what I (also) gained from Candace was a better understanding of how my own practice can better address those fears and how my message implicitly plays into the cultural disparities that exist in study abroad participation.” – Emily Jarvis, Director of Int’l Programs, Wesleyan College
“This session was helpful because it allowed me to understand PoC student perspective and offered suggestions for strategic planning to improve the rate of participation.” –  Academic Advisor, University of South Florida
“Candace is an excellent speaker who delivers an insightful perspective on Study Abroad. As an African American female who did not study abroad while she was in college she sees the value of Study abroad from the lens of a Corporate Marketing professional, who has now traveled all over the world. She understands the importance of encouraging students of color to study abroad and the cross-cultural learning and understanding that takes place from enriching experiences abroad. She delivers this and much more through her presentation, “Travel,Being Black and Doubt”.  – Study Abroad Coordinator, Columbus State University (Georgia)
“What a fascinating and insightful session and conversation on TBD: Travel, Being Black and Doubt. Candace’s message needs to be heard by all of us (white IE professionals & student affairs staff, really everyone on a college campus & in the workplace! ) – Jennifer Ramos, Study Abroad Director, Methodist University
“It was interesting to get the perspective of someone who both has a marketing background and personally experienced the fears surrounding studying/traveling abroad as a black woman.” – Erin Merritt, Cultural Vistas
Candace is a phenomenal and inspiring speaker! Her energy and bright spirit combined with her warmth and fearlessness have helped me find to courage to share my own voice and story. Since hearing her speak, I have learned how to ‘cross the bridge’ and use fear to launch me into a life of greater purpose and fulfillment.”  – Shawn Patrick Rivera, Life Is A Verb Participant.
“I thought this was a valuable training.”  – Study Abroad Advisor, SUNY Oneonta 
Candace is a wonderful speaker who motivated our freshman class to set their high school years out on the right path. Candace was engaging and relatable, which is important in holding the attention of high schoolers. Our students walked away from Candace‘s Speech feeling inspired to make the most out of the their freshman year. ” – Jocelyn S., Teacher, Midwood High School

About Candace

Candace Doby is an empowerment speaker who combines personal storytelling with life lessons and a dynamic presence to inspire youth and young adults to act courageously.  Her interest in courage—its definition, features, semblances, myths and truths—led her to research and write about the virtue on her website, Travel is a prevalent theme in her stories—from exploring Ubud, Indonesia as a solo, black female traveler to touring Belize by bus, ferry, foot and pick up truck. She has served as an editing fellow for Travel Noire, the popular digital platform and resource for black travelers. Candace was also a top speaker for Monster’s Making It Count Program and has spoken to over 6,000 students across the southeast on topics ranging from fundamentals of school success to resisting the urge to be average. Her presentation at NAFSA (Association of International Educator’s Conference – Region VII) garnered rave reviews. Candace received BA/MA degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. At the university, she ran track, worked at the school paper, and served as a resident advisor. She is a 13-year marketing professional who has worked for some of the best advertising agencies in the country. Her most recent work in this arena was as a Field Marketing Strategist Manager for Chipotle Mexican Grill.

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