Glenn Geffcken with Maria Rueda

Indigenous values drive their way of living and working. Meet Glenn and Maria.

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From Purpose to Profit: Practicing Indigenous Values in Business

Studies increasingly show how purpose-driven leadership results in more successful businesses, meaning that by equally focusing attention on profitability and purpose, companies actually become more profitable than if their focus were to be mainly on profit. And yet much of what we are taught about how to do business and how to build a successful career is to maintain a hyper focus on revenue and efficiency. Indigenous culture teaches us to be purposeful in everything we do no matter how mundane, and as Glenn has discovered, it provides a process and pathway to deepening an organization’s connection with its deeper purpose. He came to this understanding through an adoption and immersion into a Navajo family and training in their traditional ceremonies and cultural values, while in parallel to a career in the corporate world. Glenn shows us how to bridge the worlds of tactics and strategy with heart and purpose, and that by doing so we find greater fulfillment from our work, inspire people, create movements, and will be financially successful at the same time.

  • How to actualize vision and purpose
  • How to develop purpose in an organization and align it with culture
  • How to stimulate employee engagement with purpose
  • How to balance employee morale with financial objectives

Glenn’s message is applicable to business leaders, professionals, college students and anyone exploring new ways of doing business.

Maria and Glenn facilitate Indigenous introductions.

Bridging Cultures: From The Modern World To The Indigenous

Glenn  shares a story and a message from indigenous culture that is both applicable and necessary for our modern world. Having spent nearly two decades immersed in indigenous culture, most specifically through an adoption and training by a family of traditional Navajo people, while in parallel to a career in the business world, Glenn has found an amazing congruency and compatibility between these two realms. Using story and metaphor Glenn invites listeners to journey into age-old indigenous understandings, and to explore the meaning and significance of indigenous culture for our modern world. Glenn shares some of the principles he wrote about in his book, Shift: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change, and how these principles can help us cope with a world out of balance, and most importantly, how through these principles we can become agents of positive change.

  • Indigenous communication and its use of metaphor and verb
  • Biological and Spirit family
  • The importance of elders for carrying culture forward
  • The concept of the four directions and its applicability for modern times
  • Living for the seventh generation and what that means

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About Glenn and Maria


Glenn Geffcken

Glenn  Geffcken has drawn from a varied career in both large and small business with a background in sales, business development, sponsorship, large scale event production, publishing, and sustainability, He has a keen ability to help business leaders and professionals cut through hidden dynamics that block progress and bring to light those things which open leaders to new possibilities. In parallel to his business career, Glenn has spent many years deeply immersed in Indigenous culture and spirituality. Through this immersion he feels he has learned as much about leadership and innovation from indigenous elders and ceremonies as he has from his business experience. Glenn is the author of Shift: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change, a personal story about how Glenn came to acquire from indigenous culture the wisdoms he has related to organizational dynamics and how to apply them to the art of doing business. He writes a weekly blog, Heart & Mind, which is about integrating the heart and mind to strengthen intuition, improve communications, and develop culture. He mentors and guides business leaders to break through barriers and move beyond.


Maria Rueda

Maria Rueda is of Mexican and Apache heritage, born in Mexico, and emigrated to the U.S. at age nine.  Her journey has been that of living in two worlds; finding the balance in being who she is while finding her place in the American western culture. Although she has spent many years in the corporate world along with many years of self-discovery—finding her way back to her Native culture and spirituality—she sees her primary career and work in the world having been the raising of her three children. Now with all three children transitioning to independence, Maria’s work has evolved in a way to inspire, to intuit, and to guide people on a path back to their true selves. Maria is an intuitive. She senses in people those deeply seated things that block them from progressing. She is a woman of great wisdom and heart-based communication, and can cut to the core of what blocks progress with gentleness and compassion. Maria offers a balance to Glenn’s business savvy and systems approach. Together they form a whole and are able to bridge the gap from the ancient teachings to the modern world, from the analytical to the intuitive, and from the mind to heart. Maria writes a bi-weekly blog, Transcending Single Stories, which is about acknowledging the single stories that keep us small.

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