Kesha Nichols

Kesha Nichols is a professional dancer, model, “reality” star, and motivational speaker.

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Addressing Fear Through Personal Storytelling

There are two things you can do with FEAR… Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Recover. Kesha Nichols learned volumes about herself when she was unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight to discuss the sudden cancellation of her high-profile wedding to an NBA player. Some people may call this “every girl’s worst nightmare” and in many ways it felt like a surreal downward spiral for her. Ironically, she was able to turn the unfortunate event into one of the best experiences of her life. As she sat across from the legendary Diane Sawyer for an interview on Good Morning America addressing the public’s questions about the wedding that wasn’t, Kesha found herself speaking from her heart, telling the world exactly what she was feeling. In the tender moments since, Kesha has reflected on her upbringing, Southern culture, diverse family and extensive network to guide her at a critical juncture on her path when FEAR could have completely taken over her life. In this presentation, Kesha tells her story and the gift of being vulnerable. She shares the unexpected ways she found her power and freedom by opening up and sharing herself with the world. Her motivational message of how she was able to reveal her true self and allow people to see her for who she is: a sensitive, emotional, loving, vulnerable woman who has her own journey that isn’t ruled by one defining moment in her life, will inspire an audience to examine where they can let go and gain freedom.

Encouraging Women of Color to Travel

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Selected Media

Interview on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer


“Kesha Nichols is truly an inspiration, her story is both relatable and inspiring. I have had the pleasure of seeing her speak in two very different venues, one being an event for youth, and the other an event for adults. What impressed me in both was not just her versatility, but her ability to connect with the audience whether they were a group of middle-aged women, or a group of teenagers. Kesha‘s willingness to be vulnerable with the audience allows her to transcend barriers of age, race, and sex. She is a person who is not afraid to discuss life’s hardships, and in doing so reveals her inner strength.” – Sarah Dergins, SABY (Strategic Alliance for Burke Youth) Board Member

“Kesha brings joy and light to everything she does, especially when she speaks to a group.  She connects to people of all ages and across many aspects of identity such as class, race, religion, etc., and she does so in such a sweet authentic way that each person feels truly connected to her. Kesha shares her life story with such courage and vulnerability that allows people to relate and feel they too can overcome any adversity, live a life of love and joy, and make their dreams come true.  It is a true gift to be able to connect on a personal level with so many people across many differences, and have people walk out feeling more joyful and inspired to be a better person by bringing joy to others like Kesha does.” – Kristin Wilson, Empowerment Specialist 

About Kesha

With sweet southern charm and big city smarts, Kesha Nichols is a small town girl who can make any place feel like home. Born and raised in Drexel, North Carolina, Kesha discovered her love for dance and the arts at the age of 4. She received a B.A. in Dance Education from Columbia College in South Carolina and made the big move to New York City to pursue her dreams in dance – landing a highly competitive spot as an NBA pro dancer and starting her own dance production company. Kesha’s experience as a cast member on VH1’s most popular show, Basketball Wives (Season 4), ignited a passion for bringing awareness to the bullying epidemic that is a daily struggle for many people from different walks of life. Kesha now publicly speaks about the power of fear to motivate positive outcomes in life. Blessed to have traveled to countries such as China, South Korea, England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Kesha also talks about how necessary it is for women of color to travel abroad to not only understand the world around them better, but to understand themselves too. In addition to public speaking and charity work, Kesha keeps it country with her new clothing and accessories line, Southern Girl Swag. Southern Girl Swag is currently available online and NC boutiques.

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