Tayo Rockson

This millennial, cross-cultural trainer, Third Culture Kid grew up in 5 countries before beginning college. He is now the CEO of UYD Management. Tayo Rockson inspires us to explore culture and leadership – and why it should matter to us all.

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How To Connect Effectively Across Cultures

Connecting across cultures can be enriching and educational, yet also challenging. Markets, worldviews, customs and traditions often become barriers that prevent people from developing cross-cultural relationships. Tayo provides a framework for understanding our internal and external strategies as well as several strategies that allow us to overcome barriers to connecting across cultures. According to Tayo, the type of people that know how to effectively connect across cultures do three things. 1) They educate. 2) They don’t perpetuate. 3) Instead, they communicate. In this talk, Tayo dives into just how we all can learn how to do that!
The audience will be more self-aware of their own communication styles, communicate more clearly, and, think through how to act more appropriately with people that come from different environments.


How To Use Your Difference To Make A Difference

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t achieving your truest potential or a living a life of fulfillment? Tayo Rockson shows us how we can do just that in this talk. Tayo offers a powerful new approach to going through life by using and developing the skills you already have. As someone who grew up in two military dictatorships, escaped a near death experience, and found himself living in five countries and four continents by the time he was 17, he learned what it was like to own his identity at a very young age and tell a brand story that translates across cultures. Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or you’re an international student or a seasoned entrepreneur who doesn’t feel like you’re making an impact in this world, Tayo offers a step-by-step process to becoming a recognized difference maker in your field and includes real-world examples from his personal life as well as high-profile thought leaders across 6 continents.  

Tales of a Non-Immigrant Student Journey: From Nigeria to the US

Tayo Rockson has had a very non linear journey to entrepreneurship in America. It’s one of intrigue, drama, obstacles, conflict, and opportunities. Tayo highlights how he learned how to use his difference to make a difference from growing up in four continents and five countries, nearly losing his life, being in debt, getting fired twice, switching his visa, and building a platform in over 100 countries. His story is one of embracing identity and turning Obstacles into Opportunities.


Redefining Masculinity – A Cultural Perspective

The current definition of masculinity that we have today is very limited and small minded. It lowers the standards for men and doesn’t create room for growth. It essentially says that masculinity equals dominance, violence, coercion, and invulnerability. Tayo’s talk focuses on reevaluating the icons of masculinity we have uplifted and strive to go beyond the two dimensional images that we have created. His talk encourages ways men today can be authentic, vulnerable and respectful.

Selected Media

Tayo’s Speaker Reel

TEDx Cooper Union (NYC)

Use Your Difference Series

Interview on Melibee Global


“Tayo Rockson is an engaging and dynamic speaker and we felt so lucky to have him join us for our National Summit. Tayo’s knowledge on harnessing data revolution for sustainable change resonated with our members and allowed them to embrace the sustainable development goals. He shared some key strategies that allowed our members to embrace our core values and by sharing that with their chapters at home, effectively engage and motivate others. I would highly recommend him to any organization!” — Chrystal Ramsay-Dyess, Director of Member Services, United States Junior Chamber

“As an activist and cross-cultural expert, Tayo collaborated with World Bank Group President, Dr. Jim Kim, thought-leaders in the international development industry and more than 150 global mobile World Bank Group staff members and their dependents on cross-cultural communication techniques and best practices. Through his motivational speaking style, he offered incentivized and tangible examples on how best foster cultural transparency.” Claudia Koerbler: Policy Development and Outreach Specialist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

“Tayo Rockson is a transformational leader who seeks to build a more just and inclusive global community. His presentation on cultural intelligence provided our university with the essential tools required for building bridges across difference, managing conflict, and promoting team-building.” Dr. Artika R. Tyner: Associate Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion University of St. Thomas


About Tayo

Tayo Rockson, was raised in Nigeria, Sweden, Burkina Faso, Vietnam, and the USA, He is a speaker, consultant, and media personality who co-founded UYD Management – a strategic leadership and consulting firm that helps organizations incorporate sustainable diversity and inclusion practices. A millennial Third Culture Kid, Tayo (pronounced TIE-OH) has lived on 4 continents, allowing him to become an certified authority in communicating effectively across cultures. He hosts a top cross-cultural podcast in the world and his podcast was recently ranked as the number two business podcast in the world by Entrepreneur and CIO.

He has spoken at TEDx multiple times, the World Bank, the Global Summit for the International Youth Leaders Assembly (IYLA) at the United Nations, The United Nations Foundation among many other places and his work has been seen on NowThis News, Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Among Worlds Magazine as well as Global Living Magazine. He is the author of The Ultimate Guide To TCK Living and his ground breaking work on “how to embrace your global identity” was featured in a German School book called ZOOM IN… Globalization. Through his podcast, blog, and video shows, he is heard and read by thousands of people in over 100 countries.

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