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Kyle Rausch

Got to help host my first re-entry event tonight–even though only 10 students showed it was so powerful to see the power of providing meaningful re-entry discussion in action. Students really need this stuff–we had great dialogue and they were so thankful for it. Plus, the speed re-entry exercise was a hit. It’s just a light bulb moment for the students when they realize how difficult it is to summarize their experiences and answer that “So tell me about your study abroad experience” question. And once you get students talking about their experiences, they don’t want to stop. They seemed so grateful to have a forum to talk about their time abroad.

Some things the students commented on from the exercise:
Your elevator speech could be vastly different depending upon who you are talking to.
It’s a good idea to think of 4 or 5 highlights and craft elevator speeches around those so you are ready to talk about any of them at a given time.
They felt like they were far from perfect and that it really would take some time to ‘get it right.’