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I’ve been delivering “Being Abroad Is…” virtually and it is working really well! I have offered it 3 times online and getting a solid series of sentences and very similar (and what I feel is appropriate) re-entry reflection. I adapt it by asking for 4 – 5 participants to share their words via chat or phone (if applicable) and typing the new sentence(s) for them on the shared screen.  I inform them that the exercise will yield some quirky, disjointed sentences – so that they should not focus on grammar.  I tell them they can’t insert grammar – only I have done that as the facilitator.  We debrief on line with slight modifications in the questions (e.g. instead of asking about how it feels to be handed chalk, we simply ask how did it feel when it was your turn, etc) and participants comment via chat (or phone). This works particularly well if you have students returning to different locations – which is one of the challenges of delivering re-entry programming. If anyone needs help with the technology for offering this one virtually, please contact me at [email protected] – I can rent out my technology for a fraction of what it would cost you to do so through your own org – and handle the tech for you.