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Here are this week’s tweets on #reentry :

Good morning–happy Friday!  Here are this week’s tweets:

My texting speed decreased significantly while I was abroad. #reentryproblems

My home Starbucks changed the layout and I feel out of place. #studyabroadproblems #reversecultureshock

Bathrooms having paper towels #reversecultureshock

Freaking out a lil bit bc I’m wearing my shoes inside the house (and no one is yelling at me) #reversecultureshock

Accidentally passed out at 10:30 pm, woke up at 4:30 am craving Oreos, tweeting about it at 6 am #ReverseCultureShock

My family is confused how I can fit 6 days of clothes for Florida in one backpack #reversecultureshock

wait so I cat buy beer at the ovie theatre? reversecultureshock

Just took a shower. It still weirds me out that I can do that whenever I want. #ReverseCultureShock

Pretty depressed that I’ve left Spain, turns out #reversecultureshock is actually a thing. But normal showers and EasyMac again are nice

Having to tip people #reversecultureshock

I guess constant carsickness is one of the side effects of using trains/planes the last 3+ months #studyabroadproblems #reversecultureshock

I should prolly eat some bfast mehh its not russian food #reversecultureshock

Being spoken to in English feels so unnatural #reversecultureshock

I F***ING HATE THIS COUNTRY #reversecultureshock