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Maria Snyder

Maybe I should blog about adjusting back into Australian life? Hmm #reversecultureshock

Also don’t bow when driving, when ordering food, or at all actually. #reversecultureshock

Running by new colonials instead of Renaissance palaces #ReverseCultureShock

If you see me driving today, get away as fast as possible. #ReverseCultureShock

How the hell do you use DIRECTV? #ReverseCultureShock

What do you mean you’re opening all the windows because its “nice” outside? Y’all need to put this heater back on #ReverseCultureShock

I still dont understand why the bars close at 2 -_- … thats the time I leave #reversecultureshock #annoyed

Ariana just told me that she cried when she went to the mall after getting back from studying abroad #reversecultureshock

Every time I get off the train I feel like I need to get my gocard out and tap off #reversecultureshock

I can’t tell if my insomnia is because of jetlag or from missing Australia the amount that I do #reversecultureshock

Hard to believe I’ve only been home for a week… #reversecultureshock

Atlanta is a strange, strange place to get routed through after 3 months abroad. #hotlanta #reversecultureshock