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Maria Snyder

U.S. coins feel like monopoly money #reversecultureshock

Been back in the States for two weeks. Realizing exactly how spoiled we were for excellent fruit & veg in Adelaide. #reversecultureshock

It just hit me that this two week break in America isn’t a vacation from studying abroad… It’s real life #reversecultureshock

I used to find ways of getting around asking for substitutions in restaurants. Now it’s OK to ask for what I want. #reversecultureshock

Justin Bieber is not played in establishments where adults gather #reversecultureshock

First time at Meijer after a month in Japan. The number of unhealthily overweight people here is just… WOW. #smh #reversecultureshock

When I wait for an elevator with the stroller everyone stands back to make sure I get on first #reversecultureshock

Brunch is possible 7 days a week. all day and for less than $9 a plate for enough food to feed an army. #reversecultureshock

And why is everyone wearing basketball shorts and speaking english?? #reversecultureshock

my first step inside Whole Foods blew my mind #reversecultureshock

Forgot Nashville time runs a little slow #reversecultureshock #backinnash

I sit through the commercials because I forget I can hit a fast forward button. Kinda miss the simplicity of Africa. #reversecultureshock

they’re playing country music in this bar…yup, I’m back in south carolina. #reversecultureshock

I’m back in the land of driving & pandora stations. What is this sh*t??! I don’t know what to do w/ myself #reversecultureshock

When I say “thank-you,” Americans reply “uh-huh.” #reversecultureshock

I’m painfully out of practise calculating tips so I just keep leaving 20% #reversecultureshock

My life is basically sleep-eat-whatch TV-sleep. #wow #exciting #reversecultureshock

I shrunk from being a medium human to an extra small one. #reversecultureshock

I made my Twitter feed public as I’m no longer afraid of being arrested for having opinions #reversecultureshock

“Spicy” by American standards doesn’t even register on my tastebuds #reversecultureshock

Stores have functioning websites and I can order ANYTHING online for immediate and usually free delivery #reversecultureshock

my scarves are no longer a fashion accessory. They are clearly for warmth. #reversecultureshock

My landlord is a 60 year old surfer/guitarist who looks like The Dude #reversecultureshock

after about 5 pm children are mostly absent from public places. #reversecultureshock

I had slow service at a restaurant and without me saying a word about it they comped my latte. I was amazed. #reversecultureshock

I order a half sandwich and it’s still bigger than what any adult human needs to eat in one sitting #reversecultureshock

I keep over shopping because everything is so cheap. Have to remind myself it will all be here tomorrow. #reversecultureshock

TV is so seductive. It’s way too easy to get sucked into hours of catching up on pop culture. #reversecultureshock

My elevator dilemma: is it the ground floor or the first floor? #studyabroadproblems #Europeruinedme

I am so over blogging for a while thank god im going home this week… #studyabroadproblems

Still getting tfl emails about line closures…London I will forever yearn for you #studyabroadproblems