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Maria Snyder

Leaving the bar at two because it closes. No more 8AMs. @twit_nikk #reversecultureshock #america

Portion sizes seem so huge here! #reversecultureshock

like i always knew i never belonged here, but now that i’ve seen the possibilities, it’s gotten even worse. #wanderlust #reversecultureshock

Wrote a blog post about #texas. This is how I’m working through my #reversecultureshock Check it out!

Just tried to go down an escalator on the wrong side #reversecultureshock

Almost stuck out my arm to wave down a bus..oops. #reversecultureshock

Back in the USA and missing Guatemala more than I thought possible. Already looking at flights back! #wanttogoback #reversecultureshock

can’t believe I’m home…. #reversecultureshock

we bought a couch, now I am inspired to hang thing on the wall. #nesting #procrastination #reversecultureshock #expat

After being absent for weeks it feels great to back. <I do what I want> #ReverseCultureShock.

goddamn it, USA. Why do you run on credit? What about the people don’t HAVE any? Punished bc I pay all my shit upfront. #reversecultureshock

I’ve been here all this time and I still don’t get some of those things you tweeted about. #ReverseCultureShock

Candy Crush is apparently as addicting as meth. I’ve played, it’s fun, but I don’t get why people are obsessed #ReverseCultureShock

Vines are new. Some are actually pretty good. Most are shit though #ReverseCultureShock

I txted someone after a SnapChat and thy acted like I was a fool. Now I send people blank screens with txt in response. #ReverseCultureShock

I still don’t know proper SnapChat etiquette.. #ReverseCultureShock

People saying “tho,” or a variation of, way too much (I’m starting to pick this one up) #ReverseCultureShock

Twerking also became a thing apparently.. How’d that happen?? #ReverseCultureShock

There are so many things that are popular now that weren’t before I left for France.. #ReverseCultureShock

High waisted shorts are for sure on that list. I still don’t know how I feel about them.. #ReverseCultureShock

“Don’t look, it’s American culture.” #somanywhitepeople #reversecultureshock