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    This is where you can “talk” re-entry!  What exercises are you toying with delivering?  How do you encourage students (and faculty) to attend your re-entry programming?  What issues, ideas, challenges, solutions can you share with the larger group.  Please participate here!


    I would love to hear people’s ideas about how they get people to attend.  We have had a hard time with this and any suggestions would be helpful.


    Any thoughts on Mandy’s question about how you encourage participation in re-entry programs, beyond food and requiring students?


    In my experience, a lot of folk simply think they don’t need debriefing, it’s only for those who are weak or who’ve had a hard time – hence writing it into a contract and explaining it is part of the deal before they go seems to have helped. Some people are still reluctant, but if it’s part of the contract, then it can make a difference – even if it’s just a psychological contract!


    The contract idea is a good one. Do you have any examples to share? I also think that extending the academic learning to include 2 – 3 in person group synthesis/debriefing allows for natural conversations to arise in the course of simply “being home.” Thanks for your contribution “Wattsnew” – glad to see you here!


    No I don’t have any examples to share – I’m working on it with some of the mission organisations I am linking with!


    Considering a re-entry event/conference that Melibee would host – perhaps in October. Any thoughts on what you’d like this to be? I think having a few examples of re-entry speakers and exercises could be inspiring! Thoughts?


    Timelines always a good idea, looking back over time away, detailing ups and downs of challenges, conflicts, crises, ongoing stresses, high points etc.
    Stuff looking at grief curves
    Normalizing stress reactions
    You may be able to link with Advance Global Coaching who have a lot of experience with re-entry.
    Get in contact for more ideas if it would be helpful.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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