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    This is where you should ask general questions about re-entry.


    Greetings!  Missy from Melibee Global here – and I’m so glad you are too!   The Melibee Global team warmly welcomes you!

    Please take a minute to read a few reminders about this Re-entry Forum:

    1)  Private:  This is a private forum for anyone who purchased “Beyond Abroad: Innovative Re-entry Exercises.”  Please do not share this link with anyone.  Sincere thanks for respecting the “business model” that helps us build our Melibee hive and keeps our tools/services affordable.

    2) Changing the conversation:  We hope that this will be a place where you can say what you feel about re-entry – good, bad or otherwise.  Please don’t hold back!  We are keen to change the conversation about this subject and make it a regular part of program design.  Tell us what’s REALLY on your mind in each “topic” area.  All that we ask is that you be respectful across cultures.

    3)  Reach out: Feel free to email me ANYTIME if you have a question, concern, feedback, etc at [email protected].  I REALLY do reply to each email and I DO take your feedback seriously.  In fact, it is this kind of dialogue that inspires new ideas for Melibee Global and MelibeeU, so don’t be shy!

    4) Participate:  This forum only works if YOU participate.  Consider this an ongoing resource where you can check in with your colleagues who care deeply about re-entry.  Bounce ideas off each other!  Ask hard questions.  Challenge the status quo.  Check in periodically to share resources or to see how others have modified the exercises.  Creativity and participation are a HUGE part of the Melibee culture – we encourage it!

    In closing, I’ll leave you with a “buzz on” – this is the term our internal team uses to close out our messages.  It is our short way to say “Keep going! Your work does change our world! See you soon!”

    Buzz on,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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