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    This is where we collect REAL re-entry tweets that document the challenges of re-entry.

    • today my dad suggested i take a shower. if only he knew my showering habits in ecuador… #reentryproblems

    These are great.  Thanks for posting! It would be great if we could also post if anyone responded back to them with suggestions too.


    Great idea – we will add that to this section too Mander1636!


    Hiding in a corner of @macys waiting for @cegradowski @hveuseenmolly to find me. I knew this day would be too much for me! #reentryproblems

    Note to self: gloves and hats. Maybe mittens. #reentryproblems

    AM or PM ? What time zone AM I in anyway? #reentryproblems

    Overwhelmed by this concept of “supermarkets” all of a sudden #reentryproblems



    Just saw this one come through:

    Mixed feelings of guilt and accomplishment as I got some sweet deals for stuff i’ll be bringing to ecuador #reentryproblems


    This one wasn’t tagged re-entry but I think it goes along with the theme.


    memories of paris will be tainted by the 5 F’s on my transcript peace love and study abroad 2012 xxxxxxxxxxxx


    Here is another one from one of my students.

    She just returned yesterday.

    Finally lost it in shavasana today. I need some tea #toomanyemotions


    They work Mandy!  Keep them coming – all great quotes for us to share and to help confirm that these emotions are normal during re-entry!


    I have another really good one from one of my recently returned students.


    I almost packed toilet paper for the weekend. I guess I don’t need to do that anymore #indiaproblems


    That is a great one! Thanks for sharing.  Here’s my Friday round-up:

    Eggs or rice for breakfast? #reentryproblems #reentry #studyabroad
    2 years later, cleaning out my inbox and ALL of my old emails from when I was abroad. EMOTIONSSSS!! #reentryproblems
    Which key do i hit to make the @ symbol? #reentryproblems
    How do I explain #StudyAbroad to family & friends over the holidays? #reentryproblems
    how can I integrate #international #holidays into my life living in the #US? #reentryproblems


    Here is another one that just came across that I hear all the time unfortunately.


    About to give a presentation about my study abroad to Amsterdam to a bunch of freshmen. I wish I had some sober memories to tell them.


    Todays Friday roundup:
    #reentryproblems Feels funny to be using dollars again!

    Next stop: @bestbuy. My transition to American culture is going smoothly. Except for the cold weather #flbound #11n11 #reentryproblems

    Relearning how to make decisions. #reentryproblems

    Empanadas. Dulce de leche. Asados. Chimichurri. Extraño todo de Córdoba… #reentryproblems #Argentina #internabroad

    Missing the ease of purchasing #hot tea lattes in #vendingmachines. #reentryproblems

    Boston transportation doesn’t hold a candle to Tokyo #reentryproblems #MBTA #commutedread

    I eat lunch at 3pm. Miss Mexico much? #reentryproblems

    My English isn’t working! Keep thinking in Spanish… #reentryproblems

    The TSA agents in the airport keep yelling at the foreigners. Not a gr8 welcome back home. #reentryproblems

    Why do we need an ENTIRE aisle for just chips!? #reentryproblems

    Still can’t believe our culture of buy, buy, buy with holiday gifts #reentryproblems

    I just realized that not having a dryer means I dont ever lose any socks. #mysteriesoftheuniverse #reentryproblems

    Forgot people get miffed here when you accidentally brush up against them on metro #reentryproblems

    Minimal sleep also makes #reentryproblems seem gigantic. Kinda wanna run around this restaurant yelling how crazy we are for eating here.

    Sometimes all it takes is looking at a menu to recall all your loved ones who fight for their lives every single day #reentryproblems

    Dear God it is beautiful here. I think my true calling is to live in a tropical climate. #reentryproblems



    Now that the forum is back up, here are some more Re-Entry problems tweets:

    Is it too much to ask US public transportation to be on time? Or is that my #japanese coming out? #reentryproblems

    Forgot to hit start on the dryer #rookiemove #reentryproblems

    Bethesda traffic, you’re not helping my #reentryproblems

    Talking #travel with anyone who will listen. And I mean ANYONE. #reentryproblems

    Relearning how to make decisions. #reentryproblems

    #reentryproblems Feels funny to be using dollars again!


    Here is the Friday roundup–this time including some #reversecultureshock tweets!

    Breakfast this morning with mom at Hoffman’s Bakery! (not a #reentryproblems but a reentry plus!)

    It is 5:00pm and completely dark… this does not happen on the equator… #reentryproblems

    You forget how expensive things are here in the US after living in Ecuador… $4 for a latte?! #reentryproblems #ReverseCultureShock

    Poop jokes at the table are inappropriate? Oh crap. Oops that slipped out. Ahh I’m sorry! #reentryproblems

    almost got split into 4 halves trying to get out of the train. but i’m breathing…heavily! #mumbailocal #reversecultureshock

    Accidentally sat in the driver’s seat. Meant to be the passenger. #reversecultureshock

    In America! Waiting for my connecting flight to Chicago….this feels very strange #reversecultureshock #imisslondon

    i’m having tea and biscuits and my sister is chanting “USA.USA.USA” at me. #reversecultureshock

    Since returning to Toronto I find many waste their/others’ time lamenting on being inconvenienced by inconvenience. #reversecultureshock

    Cannot believe I am in the United States of America after six months… #WhatDoIDoNow #reversecultureshock

    I just drove,listened to country music, and went trough a drive thru #america #reversecultureshock

    Just spent 10 min looking for an outlet convertor to charge my laptop, only to realize, I’m not in Europe anymore. huh. #reversecultureshock

    “WHY WILL NO ONE SAY CHEERS!?” –  #reversecultureshock

    I’ve gotten use to two hour midway breaks #ReverseCultureShock

    It will be hard getting use to like back in the USA #ReverseCultureShock

    I wish I could just sync myself into my life like an iPhone to a PC. What a rut. #reversecultureshock

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