We can only imagine how diverse the US is. Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq were inspired to find out, so during Ramadan, Islam’s holy month of fasting and reflection, these two young New Yorkers took a road trip across America. They stopped to break fast at a different mosque in a different state each day, visiting 30 states in 30 days. The two drove thousands of miles and blogged about it daily, creating dialogue about diversity within the Muslim community in the United States. During the 2011 trip, they met a diverse Muslim community in Alaska who are struggling to build a mosque, hung out with a woman in Washington state who identifies herself as both Christian and Muslim, ate dinner with wildly popular hip hop artist Brother Ali in Minnesota, and attempted to understand women’s perspectives on Islam at a mosque in Arkansas. Through storytelling and humor, Aman and Bassam share what they learned about their faith and their country. Their journey explores what it means to be Muslim in America today, and serves as a powerful counter-narrative to the media’s image of a monolithic Islam, receiving coverage on ABC News, the BBC, CNN, Time, NPR, Fox News, Huffington Post and Al-Jazeera English. Needless to say, Melibee Global is delighted to be able to share the work of Aman Ali and Bassam Tariq through this webinar.  [button link=” https://student.gototraining.com/r/775263789548303360″ size=”xl” bg_color=”#ff9900″ border=”#000000″ window=”yes”]Sign Me Up![/button]

Who will benefit from this workshop?

– Anyone who has an interest in multiculturalism and diversity.

– Teachers, international student advisers, study abroad/exchange program administrators, graduate students, Muslim Student Associations and other student groups, faculty, journalists, faith communities.


  • You can register below!  Just scroll down after you read the presenter information at the bottom of the page.
  • This is a 90 minute presentation including Q&A.
  • This will be a webinar. You will be able to chat with presenters (and your colleagues who register) via a chat space.
  • The MelibeeU workshop fee is $99. There is a special full-time student rate of $79 (Use coupon code Aiwa.) Students must have an edu email address.  What a bargain! And you don’t even have to leave your desk! (If you prefer to pay with a check, please email info@melibeeglobal.com for more details.)
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Your Presenters:

Aman Ali is a standup comedian and one of the only young Muslim voices in the public spotlight today. In the past year alone, he’s made appearances on HBO, ABC News, CNN, CSPAN and NPR to talk about his upbringing as a Muslim growing up in America. As a comic, he’s traveled all over the world for performances and regularly hits the road for shows at colleges and comedy clubs all around the country. His vivid storytelling style of standup comes from his strong background in journalism. Aman is also a reporter that has spent the past seven years traveling the country working for publications such as USA Today, Reuters and the Associated Press.

Bassam Tariq was born in Pakistan and raised in the US. He has spent most of his career writing and directing commercials for many of the world’s most important brands such as Unilever, General Mills, and Proctor & Gamble. Bassam has also produced feature stories for TIME magazine, Boing Boing, and Democracy Now!. As co-creator of the viral blog 30 Mosques in 30 Days he has been seen in NPR, Time Magazine, Huffington Post and made CNN’s Top Newstories of 2010. Currently, he is producing a feature-length documentary in Pakistan on Abdul Sattar Edhi, an elusive humanitarian who established the first ambulance system in Pakistan.

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