Brad Daniels

As a passionate Melibee and international educator, I aspire for my life’s work to be in chasing the elusive goal of global citizenship, for myself as well as others. Raised by a rooted New England family, I longed for a broader horizon, eventually fleeing New Hampshire’s winters and relative homogeneity for college in sunny, diverse southern California. It was there that I adopted my transplant Angeleno identity–though of course maintained my Patriots and Red Sox sports loyalties–and the world opened up for me through undergrad experiences in India, Korea, and China. I was hooked, and went to work in our sister field of international relations before returning in earnest to international ed. Most recently, I spent two years in Italy working for a study abroad program and earning my master’s degree.

If wanderlust could be diagnosed, I’d be a candidate for clinical study! Severe cabin fever hits me after six weeks anywhere without at least a weekend away. Happily, as an airline/hotel loyalty program (aka “miles and points”) aficionado, I travel frequently without breaking the bank. I also enjoy songwriting and live music, with my forays into new cultures often beginning through the universal language of music. I even met my fiancée while exploring the Habesha reggae scene of DC’s Ethiopian diaspora. (For the uninitiated, listen to “Dancé Dancé” by Jah Lude 🙂