International Education Career Academy (IECA) Testimonials

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The International Education Career Academy (ICEA) has helped countless people land their dream jobs  – whether they are new to the field of international education or seasoned employees seeking advancement. Here are some testimonials to help you decide whether to invest in YOU and your career through the International Education Career Academy (IECA) – formerly known as the C4.

  • Jordan:  Landed her dream job at an ivy league university in the northeast.


  • DAVID:  Landed his dream job at a private high school on the east coast working with a large Chinese student population.

“I’m excited to say that I’ve accepted a job offer with the X company – a 3rd party study abroad program provider) as a University Relations Manager. And with the help of Missy I was able to negotiate my salary up by more than $3,000!! Thanks to everyone for the support and to Missy for all the killer advice and specialized help!” – Anonymous, IECA Participant

“Through your coaching, I’m experiencing resume and cover letter writing as well as interviewing in an entirely different way now. I used to almost shutdown with anxiety when job hunting but now I feel much more confident. So much so that I have actually enjoyed the process and look forward to the opportunity to interview. You’ve been a wonderful help and I cannot thank you enough. ” – A. S., IECA Cohort Participant

Missy meeting up with a C4 colleague, Kory, at the NAFSA regional – she landed TWO job offers in the same week.

“I’ve accepted a Study Abroad Adviser position at X Ivy League University. I am so grateful to Missy and this cohort! Missy helped me position myself and get out of my own way during this search. The coaching she provided was a Godsend! Missy’s guidance especially in advocating for myself during the negotiation stage was critical. (and boy was that tough for me). Moving forward I’ll always value myself by asking for what I want and adding more to my retirement account!  Again, thanks to all in the group who shared their journey. It was so encouraging as I went through my own. – N.C,. IECA  Participant

“I would recommend Missy as a career coach because she transformed the “job search” into “creating my career path.” She teaches you how to get your resume noticed, how to share your story to ace your interview, and, once you get the offer, how to negotiate and ask the right questions to make sure its the right fit for you. Thanks Missy!” – S.W., IECA Participant

“You are a gem and I’m so glad that I found you.” – M.E., IECA Cohort Participant (2017)

“I just wanted to give you the news — I was hired by X (Third Party Provider) as a Customized Programs Coordinator, which focuses more on international programming and working with university faculty. Thank you for your support and your advice in developing a targeted strategy while job searching in the field. Your coaching was very beneficial to me.” –  C.B., Coaching Client  

  • CAROLINE:  Landed her dream job at a college in the midwest.

“Yesterday I had a 4.5 hour long interview. I have never been confident in my interviewing skills, but yesterday I really “left it all on the field,” as athletes say. This is my dream job, and while there’s of course the chance that I won’t get it, I’m so happy that I represented myself well. Being part of this (C4 Cohort) group has aided me in this process by giving me not only IE-specific knowledge, but also CONFIDENCE.” – Anonymous IECA Participant (2017) – and PS – She DID get the job! 🙂

Missy coaches some participants and colleagues at the Diversity Abroad conference (2018)

“Prior to my resume re-do, I was sending out mass applications and barely getting any replies. Post resume re-do with Melibee Global’s methodology, I fielded 5 interviews in just the first week. I landed a job soon after.” –Anonymous resume workshop participant

“I accepted the offer!  I know your method helped, because I applied to X University back in the fall and my resume didn’t even get through the first round!” – Anonymous resume workshop participant

“I am moving to the Triangle area in NC next week for a job at UNC-Chapel Hill! I connected well with the team, and it was in a perfect location, so I went for it! Thanks to everyone and Missy for the support” – Anonymous IECA Participant (2017)

  • LESLIE:  Landed her dream job as a study abroad adviser in a diverse public college in the Southeast. (AUDIO ON THIS NEXT VIDEO IS A BIT LOW – HIKE UP THE VOLUME!) 🙂

“How to handle the salary negotiation was probably the most important thing I learned from Missy. Rather than just taking what was offered I learned what questions to ask before accepting and also learned that working at a state institution is quite a different ballgame than the private non-profit sector as far as salary increases in general. Going in knowing that I would be locked into a pay scale that would follow me through my career as a state employee rather than counting on bonuses based on performance reviews like I had received in the past was invaluable in approaching the negotiation. Having done my research on comparable positions, I was able to confidently negotiate a $2000 increase in the offer. That alone was well worth the cost!” – Laura, Salary Negotiation Workshop participant/coaching

“Working with you has been such an eye opening and wonderful experience.” – A.N., IECA Participant (2017)

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