Carrie Wagner

Carrie has immersed in Uganda, South Africa, Ecuador, and Peru. She’ll push you to take cultural awareness to new heights.

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Go, Give, Learn; and Tell the Story

We want to engage in the world. We want to give back, pay it forward, and serve others. We care about the environment, and social justice issues, but we are somehow overwhelmed with pathways for global engagement. In this workshop you will complete a global citizen inventory and learn areas of interest and opportunities to serve. You will learn an approach to global engagement that honors community wisdom and yourhost country nationals. Using a companion study guide and her book, Village Wisdom; Immersed in Uganda, Inspired by Job, Changed for Life, Carrie Wagner inspires workshop participants as she guides them through in-depth exercises that clarify personal values and multi-culturalperspectives. She de-mystifies global citizenship, making connections between civic and global engagement, service learning and mission work, and short-term and long-term ventures. Carrie’s passion for “telling the story” will inspire you to capture and share your own experiences using a personal and compelling approach. This session can be delivered as a presentation or workshop.


Serve with Cultural Intelligence

Intended for service learning sojourners (domestic and/or international) and short term missioners, this workshop provides a framework for understanding cultural influences on service work. Parishioners, healthcare workers, teachers, builders, entrepreneurs, families, youth groups and individuals, are all part of a rapidly growing short-term missions movement. Likewise, more and more university students are engaging in alternative break and international internships. Unlike long-term development workers and missionaries who prepare deeply for cross-cultural work, short- term mission participants often make their life-changing jaunt with minimal cultural preparation. As a result, well-intended sojourners support a colonial approach to helping others. Learn how to go, give, and learn–with authenticity, cultural responsiveness, and sustainability. This session can be delivered as a presentation.

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“Carrie Wagner is an inspiration and engaging speaker with a good personal touch when approaching her audience on the subject of international education.” – Dr. Baogang Guo, Director of International Education, Dalton State College, Georgia

“Thank you so much for what you’ve contributed to our program at OMS! The presentation was excellent… I really felt like they absorbed even more than I had anticipated from your talk! Some were even able to retell the meaning of “immersion” and they really understood the service “connection” piece. Teachers also commented on how much they enjoyed the presentation.”  (Name not available)

“I can’t tell you how much I got out of your class last night! I am inspired and have materials in hand to take take my next steps! Thank you!”  – Middle School Teacher in North Carolina

“Wagner is a dynamic speaker who not only engages the audience to think about what has transformed or shaped their lives, but inspires us  to consider opportunities to take action in being a good citizen, whether locally or globally.”  – Laura Branan, Youth Coordinator, St. Matthew’s Episcopal

About Carrie

Carrie Wagner is a global education consultant and cultural training specialist. An author, speaker and photographer with 20 years of international experience, Carrie facilitates cultural learning in a variety of industries. Carrie’s book Village Wisdom has inspired hundreds of readers to engage in global connection, and was a primary inspiration for the founding of a Ugandan organization that empowers youth and women for sustainable economic development. Carrie is the co-founder of Cultural Intelligence Works, and also the leader of Village Wisdom Ventures.  In July of 2016, Carrie led a team of women to Uganda to explore fair trade development opportunities for vulnerable women.  As International Training Director for Habitat for Humanity International, Carrie facilitated leadership development in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. She has lived in Uganda, South Africa, Peru, and Ecuador. She holds a Bachelor of Environmental and Visual Design from NC State University.

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