Missy Gluckmann

Missy embodies Gandhi’s “be the change” through Melibee Global and her volunteer resource, Better Abroad. She does so by challenging the status quo in international education and has a whole lot to say about how to shake things up.

Speaking Options

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Entrepreneurial Education

Missy Gluckmann believes that when you take the leap, the net WILL appear. She took an enormous leap of faith to start Melibee Global, tapping into her hidden entrepreneurial talents and combining them with her love of education abroad and crossing cultures. She is known for being extremely vocal about her concerns about the state of education abroad and how creativity in our work is secondary. She is personally and professionally dedicated to pushing people and organizations to challenge the status quo in education abroad. Missy’s presentation on Entrepreneurial Education provides inspiration to those who want to inject more creativity in their current roles as well as to encourage those who have a great business idea, but are unsure of how to begin the journey to entrepreneurship. 

Missy presenting at Binghamton University for International Women's Day 2012

International Education Career Coaching (Presentation or Workshop)

With more than 20 years of international education experience and 4+ years of Human Resource Consulting to Fortune 500 companies, Missy is a career coach that specializes in careers across cultures.  She is the first person in the field of international education to offer customized coaching for people who want to break into international education and has a superb track record of pathing them into great jobs.  Missy delivers presentations or workshops on topics specific to international education including Resume Writing Tips, Interviewing Skills, Salary Negotiation, Finding your Yellow Scarf and Dropping you Red Balloon (what makes you a unique candidate and what holds you back)…and much more.  


The Swarm on Culture, Identity, and Perspective (Workshop)

The Swarm is an innovative and highly experiential workshop for anyone who crosses cultures. It can be delivered to students, faculty, administrators – anyone who has crossed a culture or is interested in learning more about how they see themselves and others in this world.  It can be delivered as a 1/2 day, 1 day or 1.5 day program – and is ideal for retreats, staff/faculty training, re-entry programming and more.  

Selected Media


“Missy is the best international education coach because she shares her in-depth and well earned knowledge with a tailored wisdom. Missy is extremely thoughtful in her responses and you can tell she has combed through every detail about your former employment and personal history you have given her. She will continue to surprise you even after lengths of time have gone by with sharing a contact that reminded her of you and your future goals. She is incredibly supportive and an overall genuine human, making her an outstanding coach in the field of IE.”  – A.C., coaching client

“Melibee Global is a great resource for International Educators! I attended one of her trainings which focused on short-term study abroad programs and left with a wealth of great information. I also booked a speaker through Melibee and was very pleased with the quality of the program and the ease of the logistics. Missy is great to work with!” – Bonnie Parker, University of North Carolina, Asheville (UNCA)

“Missy, this Swarm on Culture, Identity and Perspective was AMAZING. I was a skeptic going in, but no joke, the Swarm changed my life!” – From an evaluation (anonymous)

“As an international education career coach, Missy provides a unique brand of honest feedback that simultaneously identifies areas for improvement and builds confidence. Her considerable experience in many areas in the field ensures that she can anticipate and quickly address most questions and reach out to her vast network of contatcs for input when needed.”  E. G., coaching client

“After leaving an on-site position abroad that I had held for the past 7 years I found myself in the U.S. facing an extremely competitive job market in international education and an unfamiliar application process. Missy worked with me one-on-one to dissect my resume ensuring that every single piece was working in my favor. Taking it from an extremely wordy 2 pages to 1 very succinct page. I easily made it through the computer screening of my resume and my information was sent on to the hiring committee. After only 3 months back in the U.S. I was called in for my first interview and in fact landed my dream job! Missy’s guidance and extraordinary knowledge of resumes, cover letters, and the interview process in the field helped make my current job possible. I will be forever grateful for her assistance and would highly recommend her services to anyone.”  – B.A

“I adore how close we all got at the Melibee Swarm… it takes a really wonderful program to get people to be vulnerable in such a large group and in such a short amount of time. Kudos.” – From an evaluation (anonymous)

“Awesome idea and fab execution. The Swarm was so great. In my line of work, if I’m not happy or motivated, it’s hard for me to do a good job. So the first step is to work on myself. The Swarm has inspired me to put more of myself into my work, to be creative, and to expand in directions I never would have thought of.” – From an evaluation (anonymous)

“…Missy’s  passion for inspiring an international mindset among the student body is contagious. Missy is always spearheading innovative ways to reach out to different groups on campus. She realizes that “thinking globally” is important on every level and that it cuts across the curriculum, programming, students, faculty, and staff alike. Missy really knows what it takes to successfully organize, implement, communicate, and achieve results. She does so with the highest levels of integrity and enthusiasm…”  – Jamie Gelbtuch, Founder/Principal Consultant, Cultural Mixology

“Missy created a program called the Global Education Initiative at Cartus. This program brought intercultural awareness to elementary and secondary schools throughout Fairfield County. Missy spearheaded the collaboration between the company and the schools, insuring that children of all ages learned about the experiences of children in other countries. Her unfailing passion culminated in the receipt of a Gold Award from the Connecticut Quality Innovation Awards program), an annual program that recognizes the above-and-beyond contributions of corporations throughout Connecticut.”  – Robyn Whittingham, former HR Director, Cartus Corporation, Danbury, CT

“Enthusiastic, devoted, smart are words that describe Missy Gluckmann. Anyone lucky enough to know her can give testament to her integrity and dedication. As a coworker, I can express a deep respect for her skills. As her friend, I can speak of the deep compassion and empathy she shows one and all. Missy is a highly qualified and knowledgeable advocate for international education. Having planned two highly successful international trips together, I can say without hesitation that she is true professional and an expert in her field.” – Melinda Placanica, ex-Faculty at Rockland Community College/Founder of the Successful Learning Center

About Missy

Missy is the founder of the innovative shop, Melibee Global, a resource for international educators and coaching circle specific to cross cultural careers. She completed her MA in International Education at the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont (US) and holds a BA from Binghamton University (NY, USA) in Political Science. She has lived abroad three times (England, Switzerland and Ecuador) and is grateful to have the opportunity to travel extensively. Missy has been an administrator in a variety of institutions (New York University, Marymount College, SUNY, WCSU) in Study Abroad and International Student Advising. For several years, she took time away from international education and served as an Human Resource Consultant and Trainer for Cartus, the world’s largest international relocation company, where she worked with Fortune 500 clients such as Cemex, Celestica, Degussa, and Volvo’s HR teams. The events of 9/11 inspired her to return to international education, although the corporate experience proved to be invaluable when she started Melibee Global. She is also the founder of Better Abroad, a resource for those who want to return to experiential learning and cultural competency in education abroad. A native New Yorker, Missy is now residing in North Carolina, a cultural experience she can talk about for days!

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