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UPDATED:  Now includes a recorded role play of salary negotiation!

Negotiating a job offer is as necessary as breathing. Consider it a beautiful dance…and we’re here to show you the steps!  <instant download>

negotiatedollarsYou’re interviewing for a university or third party provider administrative position specific to international education or you have THE offer but you don’t have any idea if it is one worth considering. This workshop recording addresses this tricky scenario!  We cover it all – from salary bands, negotiation tactics, how to conduct research about the offer, how to position your “ask”, and much more! You will be ready to negotiate with confidence and data to back it up as a result of this tool.  Past participants have told us that they could NOT have imagined negotiating without the knowledge we share – and we know from their feedback that they have earned much more in not only compensation because of this confidence building resource!

This includes the recording with a robust resource guide!


  • The 90 minute recording from the live webinar
  • NEW!  A recorded role play of salary negotiations with additional tips from Melibee’s founder, Missy Gluckmann
  • A robust resource guide
  • Please note that this tool is intended to be used (under copyright) by individuals, not in group settings such as conferences

This is for…

  • Anyone who dreams of having career in international education/across cultures including those with ESL, travel, administrative, training, living abroad, multilingual, and other relevant experience who envisions a job offer coming down the pike (or has an offer)
  • Current international education professionals seeking a promotion and who need a structure  tool to clarify the strategy for confidently neogiation a higher compensation package
  • Career advisers who want to better understand the salary and compensation process for jobs in international education and cross cultural careers
  • Anyone who has never negotiated a salary/compensation and needs a confidence boost to know HOW to approach what can feel like a scary or overwhelming conversation


“I asked for $xx,xxx and she agreed! I can’t believe it! she didn’t even argue, she said it was a stretch but that it would be ok. They are drafting up the new offer and contract and I will sign it.  I did not expect her to agree so easily. I would have been thrilled with a lesser amount. It would never have happened without you! I owe you big.”

“And it’s finalized! I’m getting $xx,xxx.  My new boss was very nice about it. But I did hold my ground and I got $x,xxxx more. And I’m happy. And I’m happy that we had the conversation. That’s really important for me, and that it was a conversation and didn’t feel confrontational. Thank you for helping me frame that.”

“How to handle the salary negotiation was probably the most important thing I learned from Missy. Rather than just taking what was offered I learned what questions to ask before accepting and also learned that working at a state institution is quite a different ballgame than the private non-profit sector as far as salary increases in general. Going in knowing that I would be locked into a pay scale that would follow me through my career as a state employee rather than counting on bonuses based on performance reviews like I had received in the past was invaluable in approaching the negotiation. Having done my research on comparable positions, I was able to confidently negotiate a $2000 increase in the offer. That alone was well worth the cost!”

“I negotiated my salary even though I was SO SCARED…. but it was totally expected by the person that hired me and he was able to negotiate on my behalf with Human Resources. I received an additional $x,xxx in my annual salary. My annual cost-of-living raise and retirement plan contributions are now based on this higher amount and it makes a difference!!”

“I knew I should negotiate the offer but was nervous about the actual conversation and how it would go.  With one simple phone call presenting my case, they agreed and I got $3,000 more than they originally offered.”

“I truly appreciated how well thought out this workshop was! There are all those small details that no one ever thinks about that you covered!”

“After a year in my position, I was offered a promotion and reflected on material shared in the training. I negotiated for a 20% raise and got it- They knew I could deliver in my position and I went in to the conversation with the data to back it up!”

“Missy encouraged me to negotiate my starting salary by convincing me that it is important and giving me some language to use. Despite my natural reticence to negotiate and the fact that i was quite satisfied with the offered salary since it was significantly more than i had been making, I asked by phone and, much to my surprise, was given the amount I asked for as if it was expected all along. Now I will always negotiate before accepting a position, as i know there is nothing to lose by doing so!”

“This workshop was priceless! I was completely satisfied with it.”

“I always appreciate Missy’s candid opinion about any topic.”

Your Coach

missybwheadshotMissy Gluckmann is your coach for this webinar! She is the founder of Melibee Global and Better Abroad, the professional development arm of Melibee Global. She has advised and administered study abroad programs at New York University, Marymount College, State University of New York (RCC) and Western CT State University.  Her international experience includes Human Resource consulting Consultant at Cartus, the world’s largest relocation company, where she guided Human Resource teams in Fortune 500 companies. She is a career coach for those who wish to work or change jobs in cultural careers, including international education. A graduate of the MA program in International Education Administration at the School for International Training in Vermont, Missy has lived abroad three times (Ecuador, Switzerland, and England) and has traveled to more than two dozen countries. She loves to empower people to ask and earn their worth! You can learn more about her here.

This includes the recording with a robust resource guide!