Cover Letter Writing Tips for International Education

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Do cover letters haunt you in your dreams? Do you feel like you have no idea what you’re supposed to say? Or does what you write feel ineffectual? <instant download>

cover letter lemons

Does writing a cover letter sound as appealing as sucking on a really sour lemon?  If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place!  Our cover letter training and tool, specific to international education and cross-cultural careers, teaches you how to strategically write your cover letter that stands out for each particular job posting. We teach you about the STRATEGIC relationship between a cover letter and resume and how this can help you get in the door. We’ll help you not only gain confidence in HOW to craft your letter, but to embrace the logic behind it, and to be thoughtful about it applying it to your international education job search. Using the proven Melibee methodology, you’ll be able to craft a cover letter that doesn’t feel like a repeat of your resume – one that you’ll actually feel proud of. You’ll walk away from this webinar with a renewed faith in your ability that you CAN write an engaging and strategic cover letter specific for international education jobs.  

We strongly recommend that you purchase and listen to the Resume Tips for International Education webinar recording prior to participating in this webinar.


  • A recorded session (75 minutes) lead by career coach and founder of Melibee Global, Missy Gluckmann
  • A robust resource guide (25 pages!) with sample (REAL) cover letters that have landed people interviews and jobs
  • Please note that this tool is intended to be used (under copyright) by individuals, not in group settings such as conferences

This is for…

  • Anyone who dreams of having career in international education/across cultures including those with ESL, travel, administrative, training, living abroad, multilingual, and other relevant experience who aims to have a career in international education
  • Current international education professionals seeking a promotion and who need guidance on how to strategically approach a cover letter specific to international education
  • Career advisers who want to better understand best practices in cover letter writing for jobs in international education and cross cultural careers
  • Anyone who doesn’t feel that their cover letter is resonating and needs a confidence boost to know HOW to approach what can feel like an insurmountable task


“I’d recommend this webinar because I know the strategies work!” – J.P, coaching client

“It’s hard to know what you don’t know. In an unpredictable climate of job hunting, you never quite get feedback or insight as far as what you could have done better to be considered for an interview. I was able to specifically identify areas where I can improve, and given tools on how to do so as a result of this webinar.” – C. P.

“Missy uses her unique International Education lenses to give sound advise to those who are already in the field as well as those who want to join the field for the first time… especially in the sample cover letters she provided ahead of time.” – A. R.

Your Coach

missybwheadshotMissy Gluckmann is your coach for this webinar! She is the founder of Melibee Global and Better Abroad. She has advised and administered study abroad programs at New York University, Marymount College, State University of New York (RCC) and Western CT State University.  Her international experience includes Human Resource consulting Consultant at Cartus, the world’s largest relocation company, where she guided Human Resource teams in Fortune 500 companies. She is a career coach for those who wish to work or change jobs in cultural careers, including international education. A graduate of the MA program in International Education Administration at the School for International Training in Vermont, Missy has lived abroad three times (Ecuador, Switzerland, and England) and has traveled to more than two dozen countries. She loves to empower people to have the tools to empower themselves to land their dream job across cultures! You can learn more about her here.

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