VIsiting a mosque with the 30 mosques project (Missy Gluckmann, Founder of Melibee Global, is on the right)


 Coming soon! (January/February 2012) – Three part webinar series with Dr. Eric Hartman on

service learning program design, re-entry and global citizenship.  

Email info(at) if you’d like an email with an update on this webinar series!

Here are some other places that Melibee has popped up this year:

November 2011: 

  • Facilitator, Online book club event:  Discussion with Carrie Wagner, Author of Village Wisdom

October 2011:

  • How to Work in Study Abroad, How to Work as an Intercultural Trainer,  How to Work as a Global Education/Intercultural Consultant.  This product will be for sale later this fall (2011.)  More info to come soon! (In conjunction with Small Planet Studio)

May 2011:

Visiting a mosque with the 30 mosques project Missy Gluckmann Founder of Melibee Global is on the right

May 2011:

April 2011:

March 2011:

  • NCAIE presentation: Demystifying the Other: Tools for International Educators