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Interview with author and educator, Carrie Wagner:  I interviewed Carrie Wagner, author of “Village Wisdom: Immersed in Uganda, Inspired by Job, Changed for Life.” This is appropriate for high school and college students, as well as anyone who wants to hear about the joys and challenges of being immersed in a developing country.

Demystifying the Other:  Tools for International Educators:  Download the PDF from a conference session Demystifying the Other: Tools for International Educators.  (The PDF is at the bottom of the page.)

Books/DVD/Music/Game Recommendations:  Here’s a link to a variety of books, dvds, music and games that can serve as educational tools here in the Melibee Amazon shop. (Note:  The link opens to the book section;  be sure to look at the other categories in the upper right of the page.)

Bridge the Gap Discussion Questions – “A Tanzanian in Brooklyn.”  I created this to help educators guide students through the cultural lessons in this video by Chris Bashinelli of “Bridge The Gap TV”.  Please feel free to show the video and use/modify the discussion questions to meet the needs of your students.

Discussion Questions:

Link to the “A Tanzanian in Brooklyn video.”

How To Create a Sustainable Study Abroad Program:  The downloadable PDF and accompanying video were part of a 2005 NAFSA grant. Feel free to share these free tools on your study abroad web page.