Special Session – Resume Writing Tips and Coaching Session for International Education

SPECIAL!  May 10th (live session) at 6 pm eastern!


In this special LIVE session you will receive coaching on your resume. Upon registration you’ll receive our masterful resume tool recording and resources to guide you. You’ll work on your new, high impact int’l ed resume and then join our coach, Missy Gluckmann, Founder of Melibee Global, Better Abroad, and the C4 Cohort, for a LIVE group session to talk strategic resume tips and answer your specific questions about your own cross-cultural career path.

A successful job search in international education all starts with a robust and strategic resume. Missy has helped hundreds of people strategically land their dream jobs in international education. Her resume tips, specific to international education, have changed the trajectory of countless career seekers. She is known for her huge heart and specific strategic steps that have landed people like you in jobs at places such as New York University, Brown University, Duke University, Trinity College, John Hopkins University, Sweet Briar College, Texas Tech, San Juan College, St Edward’s University, California State Univ (East Bay), Davidson County Community College, University of Florida, Gustavus Adolphus University, Iowa State University, PAX, The Solar Living Institute, Up with People, North Carolina State University, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Michigan University, and more! Between the recorded training, resources and sample resumes, and the LIVE group session with your coach…and the affordable cost, you can’t go wrong.

It all begins with the RIGHT resume – and our tips will completely change how you put your unique experience out there in the world.  (You’ll work on your resume PRIOR to the LIVE session with the help of our “Resume Tips for Int’l Ed” recording and 35 page resource guide full of countless examples of REAL before and after resumes specific to int’l ed.)

This session is ideal for

  • Those attending the NAFSA national conference in LA in late May 2017 – who want to have a clean, impactful resume to share with others and to use at the conference Career Center
  • Those who are NOT attending the NAFSA conference but are job searching
  • Anyone who dreams of having career in international education/across cultures including those with ESL, travel, administrative, training, living abroad, multilingual, and other relevant experience
  • Career transitioners who need a strategy specific to international education
  • UG or GR students or graduates who are eager to join the international education job scene but can’t get their resume past Human Resources
  • Current international education professionals seeking a new job or promotion and who haven’t updated a resume lately, needing a structured tool to clarify the strategy for landing in the YES for an  interview pile
  • Career advisers who want to better understand the Int’l Ed hiring process and strategy for jobs in international education and cross cultural careers


  • “Prior to my resume re-do, I was sending out mass applications and barely getting any replies. Post resume re-do with Melibee Global’s methodology, I fielded 5 interviews in just the first week. I landed a job soon after.”
  • “I accepted the offer!  I know your method helped, because I applied to X University back in the fall and my resume didn’t even get through the first round!”
  • “I was applying to jobs for months and months and never heard anything back from any places I applied to. I felt disappointed and couldn’t understand why no one was interested in me. The Melibee resume approach improved my resume;  I finally got calls for interviews and a position in the field!”
  • “Prior to the Melibee resume philosophy, my resume was a mishmash of entries that I thought would look good to employers.  With the guidance of Missy, I was able to transform my resume into a streamlined document that combines my professional experiences and showcases my personality and interests. I couldn’t have done it without Missy!”
  • “My resume is completely different. I mean, WOW. Thank you so much for this webinar! I cannot believe how much stronger I look.
  • “My post Melibee webinar resume made me visible to  employers.”
  • I most appreciated Missy’s candid examples and willingness to answer our questions (even though some were very specific to each individual).  Missy had a way of answering our specific questions and then making those questions relevant and useful for all participants.  Tough to do, but you did it with ease.”
  • “This is an invaluable course to help you on your way to your new job in international education”.
  • I loved the examples of ‘before’ and ‘after’ resumes.  The resource guide is also very helpful – especially the ‘Why I Tossed Your Resume’ piece.”


    • FIRST you will receive a recording with our resume tips for international education PLUS a robust 35 page resource guide chock full of REAL before and after international education resumes. Yes, resumes that have landed people interviews and jobs!
    • THEN you will participate in a LIVE group session with your coach, Missy Gluckmann, to address strategy and answer questions. This LIVE session is recorded, in case you cannot make the date/time – AND you can email questions in ahead of time if you know you can’t attend.
    • You will receive a DISCOUNTED rate on coaching should you decide you’d like more time with Missy. (Completely optional!)
    •  If you are a Full Time student or not employed, the cost is ONLY $69! (Use coupon code: MelibeeResumeFTUN.) This entire package is an affordable $89 if you are already employed.

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