Career: International Student Advising

careerisaThis 90 minute workshop provides an overview of the field of international student advising in higher education.  International student advisers (ISAs) are integral to the lives of visiting foreign nationals studying in the United States. They provide documents related to the student visa, offer ongoing advise on regulations, and provide support to dependents of the student. They are also responsible for reporting data to the US government via SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.)  Cultural programming is also a key component of many ISA jobs. You’ll hear about the joys and challenges of this work – in a very candid manner! (Please note that to serve as an ISA, you must be a Designated School Official – and this requires that you are a US citizen or lawful permanent resident.  Please purchase this workshop if you are in this category or plan to be in the future.) This download includes the workshop recording (a recorded webinar with audio) and a robust 27 page resource guide.


“I’m so thankful I took your webinar because it made me realize how much I don’t know about the job.”

“I appreciated Missy’s honesty in what actually being an ISA means; her amount of information presented wasn’t too much or too little. Great balance of anecdotal stories as well as more informal instruction.”

“There was a lot of information provided but it was not overwhelming. I liked that the format changed throughout the workshop (case study, interaction). Overall, this was a very good workshop compared to others that I have participated in.”

You get all this, at the click of a button, for only $47 (plus required tax).  Enjoy!

This includes the 90 minute recording with a robust resource guide!

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