A Workbook for Finding and Planning a Volunteer Experience Abroad (for individuals)

PageLines- volunteerabroad-150x150.jpgCo-authored by two experts on the subject, Zahara Heckscher and Mary Wells, this 22 page workbook is a step by step guide for you to thoughtfully explore how to assess possible volunteer experiences abroad. Sections include clarifying your goals, finding and evaluating volunteer opportunities, overcoming financial obstacles, making preparations and resources.  This is a workbook that will provide specific steps for your research, planning and budgeting.  This version is specifically for INDIVIDUAL students or travelers. (This is NOT to be used by colleges/universities – that version is just above!)  You get this, valuable workbook, at the click of a button, for only $8.99 (plus required tax).  Enjoy!

This includes a PDF of the 22 page Volunteer Abroad Workbook