How to Creatively Fund Your Travels Abroad with Katie Krueger (for colleges/universities) (for individuals

If you are interested in living, working, studying, or traveling abroad but don’t know how you’ll fund the trip, this session recording is for you.  Topics include traditional funding sources (grants & scholarships) as well as other more creative ways including travel writing & photography, finding paid work abroad, and crowdfunding. Katie Krueger has used these creative methods to fund travel to Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. By the end of the session recording, you should feel confident that you really can raise funds for that adventure abroad!  You will also get a resource guide to accompany the recording.  This session was designed for both students AND advisers.  You get all this, at the click of a button, for only $42 (plus required tax).  Enjoy!



This includes the recording with a 15 page resource guide.

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