Beyond Abroad: Innovative Re-entry Exercises

Re-entry is an ongoing journey. This tool will help you and yours think about coming home – and what it can mean whether it is a week or a decade after your return.  (This tool is under $10!)

beyondabroadreentrycoverBeyond Abroad: Innovative Re-entry Exercises is a practical tool created by a group of interculturalists, travelers, and educators. Those who contributed to this tool understood that re-entry can be intense, draining, confusing, difficult, and an incredible opportunity to reflect, grow, and jumpstart a new chapter. Re-entry is an important process that should lead to action.

Many organizations struggle with how to approach re-entry with their returned students and faculty, often due to a lack of time for planning.  We addressed this by creating 14 innovative re-entry exercises that will facilitate re-entry dialogue and action on your campus and in your community  – and YOU select which ones to administer based on your group and needs.  Each exercise (listed below) includes a description of the exercise, preparation steps, set up/materials required,  facilitation questions and BeeU ideas for modifying each exercise to enhance creativity. They range from 1 -3 bees (effort required) to coordinate.  We  do offer recommendations on how to pair them.

Our approach was not to research what is currently done around re-entry, but rather to use our creativity to develop truly unique exercises that could be appropriate for a one time gathering or a re-entry course.  We also attempted to not be “US centric” in our approach so that educators outside the USA will find value in this tool, too.

The exercises includeSpeed Re-entry * Shifting Vision * Superhero * Maptastic * My Manifesto * Re + Action * Acting on Inspiration * The Way the Cookie Crumbles *Stuff Returned Study Abroad Students Say * Abstract Art *A Day in the Life *Silent Reflection *International DJ * Being Home Is…

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  • A 59 page PDF with 14 unique re-entry exercises, debrief questions and suggested modifications
  • Instant download!

What People Are Saying:

“I have used quite a few of the exercises and have found them all to be really well thought out and engaging for the students. I have used Speed Reentry, Acting on Inspiration, Abstract Art, Stuff Study Abroad Students Say, Being home is …, Silent Reflection, and a version of Re+Action. Student favorites so far based on their feedback have been “Being home is … “ and “Acting on Inspiration”. They also get a kick out of developing the skits for “Stuff Study Abroad Students Say”. Thanks for all the work you do for re-entry in our field!” – J. Jackson, Stonehill College, USA

“As a seasoned workshop facilitator I feel I could successfully implement any of the 14 activities right away, yet this tool isn’t just for experienced facilitators. Quite the opposite. Due to the helpful facilitation tips at the beginning of the tool and the detailed instructions for each exercise,  even novice facilitators could successfully implement any of these activities.”  – Cate Brubaker, PhD, Founder of Small Planet Studio, USA

“I conducted the ‘My Manifesto’ exercise as part of our Senior Retreat for our students who are samplereentryexercisecompleting a BA in Global Studies, where they have spent 6 or 7 semesters abroad, and it went well. ‘My Manifesto’ was a great way to channel the good energy and collapse it into a nice summary of what they want to ‘manifest’ in the future! Thanks for the great tool!” – S. Rachouh, Long Island University, USA

“Melibee Global is a leading provider of international and intercultural training opportunities for the field.  This re-entry training publication is a great resource for anyone wanting to assist sojourners as they return home and I plan to incorporate many of the exercises into my work with returning study abroad students. ” – David Comp, University of Chicago and Founder of International Higher Education Consulting, USA

“It’s great to have a re-entry tool that is quick and easy to implement. The fact that this guide offers so many fun options, and that these options are adaptable, makes it that much more valuable.” – Liz McCartney, past US Rep for the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia)

This is a review of the tool by Small Planet Studio.

Think you’re ready to ramp up your re-entry programming?  Great! You will receive one PDF download of the 59 page Beyond Abroad:  Innovative Re-entry Exercises. The cost is slashed to $9.95 per download because of COVID-19.  (You may order more than one download. Please note, this is an individual price, not an institutional price.) As educators, we know that the cost of not facilitating re-entry is MUCH higher!

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