Fair Trade Learning Abroad

Fair Trade Learning WebinarFair Trade Learning is a new buzz phrase in the service-learning and study abroad sectors. In response to the commercialization of the sector, Fair Trade Learning recognizes that the individuals and communities that host students and volunteers are uniquely impacted by visitors, and should be offered fair working conditions and compensation, hold significant voice in the orchestration of programming, and be offered proper professional development opportunities. Brandon Blache-Cohen, Executive Director of Amizade Global Service-Learning and co-Founder of Better Abroad, shares the working standards and examples of Fair Trade Learning projects.  Dr. Eric Hartman provides insight into the standards for Fair Trade Learning. Melibee Founder and Better Abroad co-founder, Missy Gluckmann, will facilitate the discussion. We encourage you to read this article prior to listening to this free webinar recording. This session is sponsored by Better Abroad.

Here is what participants had to say:

“Both speakers had great insight and were thought provoking.  It is also inspirational to see that people are trying to make a change, despite the strong market forces and other pressures to keep the current operating procedures.” – Michelle K.

“I appreciate this webinar because of the insight into the way in which service programs can be harmful to the communities they seek to help. I also love the honest approach. At a larger university it is hard to get people away from only looking at a service program abroad as great experience for the student.” –  William P.

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