Free! Interview with Glenn Geffcken and Maria Rueda of Balanced Is

GlennGeffckenheadshotGlenn is the author of Shift: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change, a brilliant book that offers a culturally based process and path to help move companies from stagnation to change, from mediocrity to innovation, and from disconnection to harmony.  Glenn was adopted into a Navajo family, the Bedonie family of the Naakaii Dine’é clan, the Mexican Bear clan. This is an Indigenous tradition, that we have our biological family and then we have our spirit family, those we adopt along the way. To the Navajo people they are real life-long adoptions and are taken very seriously. In 2008, he was officially given their clan name and later ordained in one of their ceremonial traditions. Glenn strives each day to hold strictly to the traditions as they have been taught to him.

mariaruedaheadshotMaria is of Mexican and Apache heritage, born in Mexico, and emigrated to the U.S. at age nine. Her journey has been that of living in two worlds; finding the balance in being who she is while finding her place in the American western culture. She has spent many years in the corporate world along with many years of self-discovery—finding her way back to her Native culture and spirituality. Maria offers a balance to Glenn’s business savvy and systems approach. Together they form a whole and are able to bridge the gap from the ancient teachings to the modern world, from the analytical to the intuitive, and from the mind to heart. Maria and Glenn are the co-founders of Balanced Is.

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