LIVE! Writing Your Cultural Stories

LIVE! May 31st at 2 pm (eastern)

Have you always wanted to write about crossing cultures?  Then this one is for you!

This webinar is an opportunity for you to explore your cross cultural experiences (travel abroad or otherwise) through writing!  I know how many times I have said “I wish I had more time to write” as a vehicle to explore, reflect, and examine patterns in my own cross-cultural journeys. This will allow you to do so without needing to take a writing course or to worry about the judgment of a grade.

Through writing prompts and discussion, we’ll explore your stories that have helped to shape moments in your life.  By dedicating time on this webinar to reflect and “put pen to paper” you will begin to see yourself from a different perspective, examine culture through a different lens, exercise your creative voice, and expand your portfolio for a career across cultures.

Note: You do not need to see yourself as a writer or blogger prior to attending this webinar! Whether you’ve written anything before or published a book does not matter – what matters for the purpose of our time together is an open heart and that you show up and dedicate the time!


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  • This is a 75 minute live session-  on Thursday, May 31st at 2 pm eastern – with cross-cultural trainer and blogger, Missy Gluckmann. This session is highly interactive, so we hope you can make it LIVE!
  • This session will be recorded.  If you cannot make it live, not to worry, you can easily follow along with the recording
  • The cost for individuals is only $18 -Use coupon code “OneMelibee”. Groups of any size pay only $38. (Groups will be allocated one space on the webinar – and should there be space for org’s with remote employees, we’ll be happy to allocated to them to.  If there is not space, we will be sure that they receive the recording within 48 hours!)

This is for…

  • Anyone who has wanted to spend time writing and reflecting on their travels across cultures, but has not carved out the time
  • Those working across cultures who are seeking a way to express their work in a different way
  • Those seeking to build a body of work related to travel and cross cultural writing
  • Anyone who is eager to exercise creative writing skills
  • Study abroad and international education professionals who are keen to explore culture in a new way. (This is an ideal professional/personal development opportunity!)
  • Travelers who want to reflect on their cultural experiences


“I had not written a word since I repatriated. sort of turned to “mute”. I desperately wanted to get back to writing – anything would do. I loved the prompts and they got my creative juices flowing. I appreciate the help to get back to something I love doing.” – Sibylla G.

“Excellent. Got me to start writing about my cultural experiences and to overcome my fear of writing. Felt very safe to begin writing.” – Patricia D.

“This webinar helped me to see that I have something to say and also to see how cathartic it can be for me to write. I’m really glad I did this writing webinar because it helped me to see how much I love writing. It’s been awhile since I’ve done any writing and this really makes me want to continue.” – Julie W.

“This webinar allowed me to set a dedicated time to focus on my writing. There are often so many thoughts and ideas that go through my head that at time when I do sit down to write the blank page is intimidating the prompts helped a lot.” – Kory S.

“I had no specific expectations coming into this webinar and can say I thoroughly enjoyed it!” – Adriana G.

Your Coach

Missy Gluckmann is your coach for this webinar! She is the founder of Melibee Global and Better Abroad. A graduate of the MA program in International Education Administration at the School for International Training in Vermont, Missy has lived abroad three times (Ecuador, Switzerland, and England) and has traveled to more than two dozen countries. She overcame her own fear of writing after many years of feeling that she shouldn’t follow her older sister’s path as a writer because she wouldn’t be as “good” as her (what nonsense – we are all writers!) – and now loves to guide people in their own writing journeys.

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