Our Mission

Melibee Global aims to elevate the discussion about education abroad, culture, diversity and the lifelong path to global citizenship by:

1) Offering Professional development through the International Education Career Academy (IECA) – ideal for those who want to work or already work in the international education and travel communities

2) Booking inspiring Speakers

3) Creating trailblazing and informative Cultural Tools

4)  Giving back via the Jane Gluckmann and Carol Rausch Go Global Scholarship, administered by the Fund for Education Abroad.

It’s All in the Name

Melibee is a combination of the founder’s given name Melissa, which means “bee”.

Meli + bee.

As a person who has traveled a lot, I relate to the idea that bees travel, pick up pollen (information) and drop it off in a new location. That is very much what I hope Melibee is – a place for sharing information. Melibee was also chosen because I like that it instructs BEING global (MeliBEe Global). Get it?!  I also liked that it was very different than other organizations’ names (e.g. “insert name here” consulting).  From a cultural standpoint, bees don’t seem to offend too many. Finally, I like bees. They’re funny little creatures, aren’t they? What can I say?  I think they’re more creative than the ubiquitous globe.

The Founder and “Queen Bee”

My name is Missy Gluckmann and I’m the founder of Melibee Global and Better Abroad. I’m pretty sure that I was born in another culture and often feel more home abroad than at “home.” I have a habit of making a BEEline toward the most unique person in the room. While directing education abroad at several colleges, I would daydream about creating a company that would inject creativity in higher ed spaces. Today, I get to live that dream here at the Melibee hive. I adore bees and am ever so slightly obsessed with India, Caetano Veloso and Dr. Maya Angelou. I’m also a gluten free foodie who can spend countless hours in the kitchen meditating over a hot stove.

For those of you know want more about my “street credibility,” I completed my Master of Arts in International Education at the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont (US) in the early 1990;s. My BA degree is from Binghamton University (New York, USA) in Political Science. I have lived abroad three times (Ecuador, England and Switzerland) and am grateful to have the opportunity to travel extensively. I have worked in a variety of institutions (New York University, Marymount College, SUNY, WCSU) in Study Abroad and International Student Advising.  I took some time away from international education and served as an Account Executive/Human Resource Consultant and Trainer for Cartus, which may still be the world’s largest international relocation company. The events of 9/11 inspired me to return to international education.

Missy and Kory Saunders of N.C.S.U. meet up at NAFSA, 2017.

How did I fall in love with international education? I blame it on my parents! In high school, my family hosted Rotary Exchange Students from Mexico and Brazil. They encouraged me to travel abroad through the Rotary Club after high school and studied abroad during college. While my peers purchased cars and gadgets, I bought plane tickets, life experiences and a passion for trying to understand more about myself, others and this world.

My other hobbies include organic cooking, sustainable living, social justice movements, writing, nature, photography, swimming, hiking, yoga, connecting people, travel, food justice, and laughing heartily (yes, the belly aching, on the verge of crying version)! I am mom to our son who was born in 2014. He is my greatest teacher in life. My husband and I are also “parents” to our Brasilian “nephew” who lived with us for a year of high school. (His dad is my “brother” – an exchange student in my home during high school.)

Needless to say, besides being a mom, I also love to mentor others and BEE the change I wish to see in the world.

Drop me a line! You can contact me here.

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