Download! The Decolonization of Education Abroad with Dr. Anthony Ogden

We’re bringing more students abroad, yet they’re choosing to huddle together on the veranda to observe others from afar. How can we design programs that encourage participation in the local culture without overwhelming our students?

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Decolonization of study abroad by anthony ogden on melibeeUSome critics assert that the behavior and expectations of contemporary US-American Study Abroad students bear an uncomfortable similarity to earlier attitudes that characterized the colonial mindset. This 90 minute recording of the live webinar describes the somewhat typical education abroad participant as manifesting “colonial” tendencies in their motivations, expectations, demands, and field relationships/practices. This student-level profile is seen as having a symbiotic relationship with programs that sponsor or host them in foreign settings, perpetuating both a “student colonial gaze” and a “colonial system” with its own normative structures (e.g. unchallenged ethnocentrism, predominantly Western destinations, modern amenities, foreigner “bubbles” and “buffer zones,” “safe” pedagogies, etc.). This retards the development of a moral/ethical sense in that it insulates and isolates students from the kind of empathetic involvement with the host culture. This webinar presentation links student-level features to program-level features, and suggests how we might work to “de-colonize” student consciousness through changes in program design. We recommend that you read Dr. Ogden’s article (included in the resource guide) prior to listening to the webinar.


  • The 90 minute recording from the live session
  • A robust resource guide (resource list, discussion questions and sample exercise)
  • Please note that this tool is not to be used (under copyright) for conferences or multi-campus/regional events. However, it can be used for individuals and for campus activities/groups at one campus.


“Dr. Ogden had excellent materials and ideas which he shared in a thought-provoking way.” – S. Schmidt, Univ. of Colorado

“I appreciated the cogent and thoughtful appraisal of study abroad methods and outcomes.” – M. Heisel, USA

About Dr. Anthony (Tony) Ogden

TonyOgdenheadshot2016Anthony C. Ogden is Executive Director of Education Abroad and Exchanges at Michigan State University. Ogden earned his bachelor’s degree from Berea College, master’s degree in International and Intercultural Management at the SIT Graduate Institute, and his Ph.D. at The Pennsylvania State University in Educational Theory and Policy with a dual title in Comparative and International Education.   Ogden has published extensively in the areas of education abroad outcomes assessment, including a new book early this year,  International Higher Education’s Scholar-Practitioners: Bridging Research and Practice.

Includes the recording from the live session and several articles, plus the resource guide.