Download! TBD: Travel, Being Black, and Fear with Candace Doby

You want to send more students of color abroad and don’t know exactly how to approach this goal. Perhaps it feels uncomfortable to authentically talk about this topic in your organization, particularly if you (and even your office) are not of color. In this new webinar, Candace Doby breaks this sensitive topic down for you with tips, marketing ideas, and storytelling.


Candace Doby didn’t begin traveling internationally until she was 27. The opportunities to do so beforehand were muddled in fear of physical harm, rejection from people at home and abroad, and fear of failure. It wasn’t until she read books, heard tales from friends, and did research that she began to recognize the value of travel. In this presentation, Candace, who has now traveled solo and accompanied to more than a dozen countries, shares her thoughts on how study abroad advisors can engage people of color to go abroad, using her own perspective as a black woman navigating race and power in this world. She shares personal travel stories and offers tips on how to support black students to identify and manage their fears about traveling abroad through the framework of courage. She also offers how travel can help one have a more global understanding of self and serve as a tool for a more robust career.


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“This session was helpful because it allowed me to understand the PoC student perspective and offered suggestions for strategic planning to improve the rate of participation.” –  Academic Advisor, University of South Florida

“What a fascinating and insightful session and conversation on TBD: Travel, Being Black and Doubt. Candace’s message needs to be heard by all of us (white IE professionals & student affairs staff, really everyone on a college campus & in the workplace! ) – Jennifer Ramos, Study Abroad Director, Methodist University

“Candace is an excellent speaker who delivers an insightful perspective on Study Abroad. As an African American female who did not study abroad while she was in college she sees the value of Study abroad from the lens of a Corporate Marketing professional, who has now traveled all over the world. She understands the importance of encouraging students of color to study abroad and the cross-cultural learning and understanding that takes place from enriching experiences abroad. She delivers this and much more through her presentation, “Travel,Being Black and Doubt”.  – Study Abroad Coordinator, Columbus State University (Georgia)
“It was interesting to get the perspective of someone who both has a marketing background and personally experienced the fears surrounding studying/traveling abroad as a black woman.” – Erin Merritt, Cultural Vistas

About Candace

Candace Doby is an empowerment speaker who combines personal storytelling with life lessons and a dynamic presence to inspire youth and young adults to act courageously.  Her interest in courage—its definition, features, semblances, myths and truths—led her to research and write about the virtue on her website,.Travel is a prevalent theme in her stories—from exploring Ubud, Indonesia as a solo, black female traveler to touring Belize by bus, ferry, foot and pick up truck. She was an editing fellow in 2015 for Travel Noire, the popular digital platform and resource for black travelers. Candace was also a top speaker for Monster’s Making It Count Program and has spoken to over 6,000 students across the southeast on topics ranging from fundamentals of school success to resisting the urge to be average.  Her recent presentation at NAFSA (Association  of International Educator’s Conference – Region VII) garnered rave reviews on evaluations. Candace received BA and MA degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. At the university, she ran track, worked at the school paper, and served as a resident advisor. She is a 13-year marketing professional who has worked for some of the best advertising agencies in the country. Currently, she is a Field Marketing Strategist Manager for Chipotle Mexican Grill. Candace speaks at colleges, high schools, and conferences around the country. You can learn more about her current keynotes/trainings here.

<Due to Candace’s generosity, a portion of the proceeds from this downloadable tool is donated to The Jane Gluckmann and Carol Rausch Go Global Scholarship!>

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