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The C4: Cultural Career Coaching Circle

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What is the C4?

The C4: Cultural Career Coaching Circle is the field of international education’s original training program/community for those seeking a career in international education.  (Scroll down to see some of our training, coaching and live sessions!) We have helped people land great jobs at places including: New York University, Duke University, Trinity College, John Hopkins University, Sweet Briar College, Texas Tech, San Juan College, St Edward’s University, California State Univ (East Bay), Davidson County Community College, University of Florida, Gustavus Adolphus University, Iowa State University, PAX, The Solar Living Institute, Up with People, and more!

It is a program strategically designed for you if you’ve ever thought or said, “I want to work in study abroad”  (or international student advising, or international admissions, or with expat consulting, or as an ESL teacher, or 100 other cross-cultural careers!).

What does it offer?

We offer a variety of professional development tools as either a la carte instant downloads, scheduled live group training sessions, group coaching as a cohort, or one on one coaching.  You decide what you need – saving you money and time!

Why do you approach the C4 this way?

Because each of you seeking your dream job in international education has unique needs, so “one size fits all” is not our methodology.  Instead, we offer a range of trainings and coaching that will meet your circumstance and budget.  For example, if you’re a professional in the field already and simply need advice on how to craft your resume to apply for a new job, we have a tool for that.  If you have received a job offer already and are scrambling to strategize on how to negotiate your compensation package, we have a tool for that. If you are already navigating your job search but need some highly customized advice from someone who has been there, we offer that too. No need to spend your time and money on an entire coaching package in these cases – although we know  for some there is a need for that and we will be offering a slightly different variation of our highly successful “Cultural Career Cohort” program again in the coming weeks! (Stay tuned – it is well worth the wait!)

missybwheadshotWho is the trainer and coach for these programs?

Most people know me, Missy Gluckmann, as the Founder of Melibee Global and Better Abroad, but my career coaching stems from 20+ years of experience in International Education and 4+ years of Human Resources Consulting experience to Fortune 500 Companies.  I’m an innovator who created the first public coaching program of its kind specific to international education and cross cultural careers and I’m incredibly proud of its track record.

At the tender age of 23, I started my first “real” job as the Assistant Director of New York University’s Office for International Students and Scholars. I know how fortunate I was to parlay that position on the heels of a graduate program at SIT! From there, have taught ESL, directed study abroad programs at 3 colleges/universities, led groups abroad, served as a PDSO/ARO (the “regs”), lived abroad (again) in Ecuador, and started my own company, as well as engaged educators on the value of cultural and experiential training in education abroad through a volunteer project I initiated: Better Abroad.

Why do I coach? I coach because I have met too many people who desperately want to engage in work that they believe can impact the world for good but they simply can’t figure out how to get in front of the pack to be considered in such a competitive market.  They either have a MA degree or are debating whether to spend entirely too much money for one.  They are frustrated with sending resumes out and not receiving a response.  They are talented people with no foot in the international education door. My first job was the result of sending out TWO resumes.  I landed my dream job in my very first interview and I could have still worked at NYU and loved it. I was incredibly blessed to have landed that first job with such ease. Today, my career story is not the norm. I want to change that.

How do I do it? People I have coached would say I approach it with heaps of heart combined with endless and informed strategy.  Having sat on countless hiring committees and worked for the world’s largest global relocation company interfacing with HR executives at Fortune 500 companies on a daily basis, I know what happens behind the scenes.  My job as a coach it to teach you how to be visible and to know what the expect.  My job is to make you shine…but with a LARGE dose of strategy.  My track record shows that I do it with authenticity and a large dose of humility.  If you’d like to read feedback about me, please check out the testimonials under each tool/service (as well as our Melibee page of testimonials).

What else do I need to know?

I mean what I say – I coach specifically for international education and cross cultural careers because I deeply care about giving talented people the right tools to live their dream jobs and to facilitate them being the change in the world that we so desperately need. I teach you to skip the rhetoric about being passionate about this work and instead how to focus with laser precision on the strategy to get you in the door for the conversation (the interview)! Read our testimonials under each product/service option to understand how seriously I take the C4 programming – it is strategic, solid, and absolutely heartfelt training.  And if it helps, I have NEVER had anyone ask for a refund in all of the years that I’ve been a coach and trainer.  The methodology works if you work this plan the way I teach you to!

How do I get started?

You’re in the right place! Just scroll down to read through the offerings and decide what YOU need and either click for an instant download or register for a live training.  Easy!  And if you’re unsure what is best for your unique needs, contact me and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction for your needs.

When will more options be available?

We’ll have much more for you in the coming weeks including new C4 tools as downloads AND more live session topics! And you’ll be excited to know that we just added the C4 COHORT!  It begins in December – more information and registration is available below under LIVE sessions!


Download! Resume Writing Tips for International Education

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If you’re hitting a resume roadblock, we’re here to get you unstuck! 35 pages of REAL sample before and after resumes that are specific to international education + a 100 minute webinar recording + a resource guide + 7 bonus tips. nstant download> 

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Download! How To Negotiate Your Salary (International Education)

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Anticipating or have a job offer in international education? Negotiating is as necessary as breathing! Consider it a beautiful dance and we’re here to show you the steps to a win/win! Includes an 85 minute instructional recording, a separate recording of mock interviews, and a robust resource guide.

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Cover Letter Writing Tips for International Education

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Do cover letters haunt you in your dreams? Do you feel like you have no idea what you’re supposed to say? Or does what you write feel ineffectual? We teach you how to write a strategic cover letter that will forever change your approach to writing them. Includes a 75 minute recording and 25 page resource guide with REAL cover letters!

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Interviewing Tips for International Education Jobs

Coming Soon!

You get called for an international education job interview and want to shine but your nerves are getting in the way!  What will the search committee or HR ask?  What is the best way to answer? How does one prepare?  How do I keep my nerves (or excitement) in check?  How does one prepare for a first interview vs a final interview? Our strategies will give you the confidence to not only excel in an interview, but stand out too!  



LIVE! Interviewing Tips for International Education

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Smiling because you got that interview for your dream job in international education?!  Then freaking out because you got that interview?!?

LIVE! International Educators Coping with Stress: Striking a Balance

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Scholarship Fundraiser! LIVE on Thurs., October 27th (3 pm eastern) with your coach, Missy Gluckmann

100% of the fees from this webinar will be donated to the Jane Gluckmann and Carol Rausch Go Global Scholarship (administered by the Fund for Education Abroad)!

WELCOME to the C4 Cohort: Cultural Career Coaching Circle!

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Starting again on January 25th! The C4 Cohort is a strategic & affordable solution to land your international education/cross cultural career dream job! Our past cohorts have more than a 75% success rate and more than 90% got interviews! 

One on One Coaching with Missy Gluckmann

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LIVE by appointment

Transitioning careers? Considering another degree? Wrapping up grad school? Feeling lost or unsure about your path for a career across cultures? You’re in the right place!  Click on learn more to get scheduled with Missy Gluckmann, your career coach!