Katy Rosenbaum – Bee Board Member

katyrosenbaumKaty Rosenbaum is delighted to work in international education, a field that she is called to because it works for the pursuit of social justice through fostering transformative cross-cultural experiences that lead to global citizenship.

Katy is interested in experiences that are centered on the “why” or the heart of international education: building intercultural competence, sparking critical reflection and growth, and fostering personal and societal empathy and understanding. She seeks to research ethical internationalizaton and how global learning and cross-cultural knowledge, skills, and attitudes can be a part of the higher education experience for all students in ways that mitigate rather than exacerbate the unintended negative consequences of internationalization. 

Katy has served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco; created, managed, and facilitated short-term student programs with Morocco Exchange; and chaired student leadership and re-entry from study abroad conferences for the North Carolina Association of International Educators. She is currently Program Associate at the Association of International Education Administrators. She also serves as a College Advisor at Duke University and occasionally TAs for an undergraduate class at N.C. State University to stay connected to students.  She dabbles in Spanish, French, Tamazight, and Moroccan Arabic languages; ponders when to go back to school for a doctorate; and nerds out when reading work by the late Josef Mestenhauser.