Category: Sustainability in Study Abroad

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin: “When You’re Asked About Terrorism, Talk About Water”

Some people are put on this planet to be heard. Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is one of those people. I am left wondering, "If we could only figure out a way to channel his generous and informed energy, I think we'd be able to solve some of the world's energy issues!"

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Journalism Abroad: Nicholas Kristof’s 2011 Win a Trip Abroad Contest Announced

Based on search data, Melibee readers have been anxiously awaiting this announcement! Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times has once again invited video or essay applications to his “Win a Trip” Journalism Abroad contest. If you haven’t read about it in a previous posting on the subject, here is a short summary:

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Where Travel Abroad Meets Sustainability: The Green Passport

As study abroad numbers increase, and more and more students are undertaking international experiences international education administrators are looking for ways to raise the subject of sustainability and travel abroad with their students. (Air travel represents approximately 2% of human-generated carbon emissions

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