Ibrahim Abdul-Matin: “When You’re Asked About Terrorism, Talk About Water”

Some people are put on this planet to be heard.  Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is one of those people.  After working with him on the Melibee Global speaker series,  I am left thinking that if I could figure out a way to channel his generous and informed energy, I’d have an answer to many of our planet’s issues! (Be sure to see the video below.)

His book, “Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet” tackles two huge subjects. The reader will walk away feeling empowered and informed about how faith and our planet are connected and how we each must take responsibility for leaving this planet better than how we inherited it. Ibrahim likens it to cooking at your home and expecting someone else, magically, to appear and clean all of your dishes after each meal. If YOU don’t do it and let it pile up, you are leaving a huge mess for someone else. Essentially, we are poised to leave a huge pile of toxic garbage for the next generation to clean up – and we clearly shouldn’t be doing that to our precious planet.

After hearing Ibrahim speak to a group of interfaith community members and students,  I was truly inspired by his words and how he relates spirituality to four key environmental issues: 1) Waste  2) Watts (Energy)  3) Water and 4) Food.

One of the most powerful moments in his presentation is how he addresses the importance of access to safe and clean water on our planet.  He stated, “When you are asked about terrorism, talk about water.”  He repeated, “When someone talks to you about 9/11, ask them if they’d like to talk over a glass of water.  Ask them about how the water tastes.  Ask them where it comes from.  Inform them that Islamic law actually forbids the sale of water (which is increasingly privatized around the world) because it is a resource that should be free to everyone on this planet. Tell them about how many people live without safe and clean drinking water each day and how many must walk miles to get what would amount to us drinking a dirty glass of water in the morning. Tell them about how people can’t bathe regularly because of lack of access to water.”

This is one example of how Ibrahim addresses the realities of what is happening to our planet and how he believes that all faith communities should be playing a leading role in addressing it.

Please enjoy the conversation that I had with Ibrahim after his presentation:  (And if you are interested in having him present at your organization, campus, or conference – please contact me at info@melibeeglobal.com)

Melibee Global is giving away a signed copy of Ibrahim’s book – “Green Deen!” All you have to do to be eligible is to comment on this page about your thoughts on Ibrahim’s words from the interview above.  What resonated with you?  (Comment by April 7th – a winner will be chosen randomly!)