Amanda Knox Rumored to Give a Television Interview

Amanda Knox

The reported today that Amanda Knox’s family is in negotiations with several television networks to give her first interview.  This is against the advice of her Italian attorney, Luciano Ghirga.   The Knox family has hired David Marriott, as Seattle, Washington (US) based publication relations consultant.

I am curious to see if this interview materializes. Ms. Knox has been completely beat up by the press, primarily in Europe, and one can imagine that an interview that humanizes this young woman can only be positive for her public image.

I’ll repeat that I am not being paid by anyone related to Ms. Knox, or the young woman who she has been convicted of murdering, Meredith Kercher.  Nor do I know anyone associated with this case.  I simply write about it because these two young women were study abroad students.

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Amanda Knox to give television interview:

Amanda Knox’s family are in negotiations with television networks to give an interview giving her side of the story.

Knox, 22, is serving 26 years for the brutal murder of British student Meredith Kercher, 21, who was found semi naked and with her throat slashed in her bedroom.

Talks have been taking place over the last few weeks between American, British and Italian networks.

Knox’s Italian lawyer Luciano Ghirga said: “There are talks going on with three TV companies, one from America, Italy and Britain but I’m not sure which ones.

“It’s all being handled by the parents and the PR man that they have hired in America – to be honest I am not in favour at all and I would not advise it but they seem to be pretty insistent.”

The Knox family have hired PR consultant David Marriott from their home town of Seattle in Washington. He has been at the centre of the negotiations with US channel ABC and Mediaset, the Italian TV company owned by billionaire controversial Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The identity of the British company is not clear but it is thought to be an independent film company who have been given favourable access to the Knox family while making a documentary screened earlier this year on More 4.

A source at Mediaset said: “We have been pushing for an interview with Amanda and we are in talks with her PR consultant but it’s all been kept very secret.”

Knox is serving her sentence at Perugia’s Capanne jail, along with her former boyfriend computer studies graduate Raffaele Sollecito, 25, who was also convicted of murder and given 25 years jail.

Knox is due to make her first public appearance since her conviction on June 1 when she goes on trial accused of slander after she accused police of hitting her during questioning.

She could see a further six years added to her sentence and Mignini has also appealed against the 26 year sentence given to her saying he wants to see it changed to life.

Meredith from Coulsdon, Surrey, was a Leeds University student in Perugia as part of her degree course and she was murdered in November 2007, just two months after she arrived in Italy.


  1. John Winters says:

    This is great news. Ghirga is as backward as the legal system he ''works'' for. Amanda's defense team at trial in 2009 were flaky at best, and most of the time, one had the impression they that weren't really bothering because they too suspected Amanda was guilty. So hoorah for Ted Simon and Mediaset. Let's ensure the whole world knows about Amanda's plight, and hopefully the sheer weight of public opinion on an international scale brought to bear by productions like this will be enough to move the grazing dinosaurs of the Italian judiciary to recant their blundering decision to imprison her and alternatively, acquit, free, and compensate her adequately for all the days of her precious youth which they have so treacherously and sinisterly stolen away!

  2. jim says:

    johnny winter u ought to be ashamed of urself by saying "stolen youth of amanda knox".And what about, forget the youth of Meredith but the life of her? Her youth will never return to her paents. I really think u shud check with in ur consceience before u say something like this Just hope that Meredith was nt ur own family! Now u are attacking Amand's own lawyer, i have read he is the most senior of all of them. u are rite He probably thought her client was guilty! Who in their right mind wom'tafter hearing so many vesions and utter lies of her.Ted simon or any american lawyers cannot advocate this case , amanda's lawyers have already made it clear .I have headr Ted simon's interview, He only presnts distorted facts to the public. Ted simon talked about this new witness who says that amanda was not thee. Do u think any court in any part of the world will believe this new witness, WHO IS A CHILD KILLER AND IS SERVING LIFE SENTENCE.?Thats what TED Simon WILL PRESENT TO THE APPEAL COURT, A CHILD MURDERER AS A WITNESS SERVING LIFE SENTENCE! VERY FUNNY WELL KEP ON DREAMING SUPPORTERER OF A CONVICTED, EVIL AND CRUEL MURDERER. U WILL SEE SHE WILL FALL ON HER FACE IN THIS APPEAL AND WILL NEVER RAISE HER MEDUSA HEAD AGAIN. HOPE AND RAFF BOTH ROT IN THAT HOLE FOR 26 YRS AND BURN IN HELL AFTERLIFE

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