Back to School


fall is here

emails churning like the leaves readying to take flight to the earth

the energy of campus culture, hot as an autumn campfire

the non-verbals, observation, inquiry, senses dancing

the freshmen assessing identity in a culture that is as abrupt as the first frost

while the seasoned reflect on the past and value the present moment, knowing it is fleeting.

immerse yourselves

make this your home

anticipate the crunch of the leaves that will fall soon enough

pick up that mirror

dig deep into that onion

this academic journey is not a race

it is life

and school has just begun.

Missy Gluckmann, Melibee Global


Authors’ note: This poem was written in less than 10 minutes using a fabulous technique taught to me by the magical Will McInerney and Kane Smego of Crossing Cultures through Verse.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart …the same one which terribly misses being on a college campus this time of year! 

Missy Gluckmann is the Founder of Melibee Global and Better Abroad.  She taps into her creative side daily here at the “hive” and appreciates you not throwing tomatoes at her attempts at poetry! 😉