Congratulations are in Order


Our little hive has had a lot to celebrate these past few months. We are a virtual team but incredibly close despite the physical distance.

If you like the work that we do here at the hive, please flap your wings alongside me for the following bees:

Kyle Rausch

Kyle Rausch, who works in the Faculty Directed Unit at Arizona State University received yet ANOTHER promotion and is now pursuing another degree.  Go Kyle!

Lisa (Risa) Zenno

Lisa (Risa) Zenno was recently hired as the Student Activities Specialist at San Juan College in New Mexico.  This TCK is excited to work with a diverse student body and to explore indigenous culture.

Sarah Dilworth

Sarah Dilworth, is marrying her love this week.  We hope that their future will BEE filled with much joy and many travels to and from Ireland (and other magical places)!

Tara Nygaard

Tara Nygaard and her husband successfully sent their eldest son off to college this fall, a huge transition for any parents.  Well done you two!

(Yes, our other fabulous bees, Katy, Maria and Diana are well too – just in case you’re wondering!)

What are YOU celebrating these days?  Add a comment below so we can flap our wings for you too!



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  1. Carrie Herrera Niesen says:

    Woot, woot! Go Bees! Congrats to you all, such lovely and heart warming news 🙂

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