Former FBI Agent Claims Amanda Knox is Innocent

Amanda Knox, study abroad student

Former FBI agent, Steve Moore, was interviewed in the press in the United States this morning, firmly communicating his belief that Amanda Knox is innocent.

Moore claims to have looked through hours of crime scene videos and reviewed the detailed report of “evidence.”  He states that her evidence is absolutely coerced. His belief is that the evidence cannot support a conviction.

He also claims that he is not receiving any financial incentive to comment on her case.  He states that he only got involved in commenting on this case as a result of a discussion with his wife, who had seen a television show about the case that raised questions about Ms. Knox’s conviction.

Amanda Knox, an American student studying abroad in Perugia, Italy, was convicted of the murder of British student, Meredith Kercher. Her appeal is set for November 2010.

Here is an interview of Steve Moore by Ann Curry of NBC News in New York:


  1. Gladys says:

    The fact that you posted this piece about Steve Moore and that you constantly call this “The Amanda Knox Case” shows which side of the fence you are on. Please admit that you are not unbiased.

    Meredith Kercher. The Meredith Kercher case. She was the only victim.

  2. Gladys – I'm going to be REALLY clear here. I interviewed Steve Moore after his wife commented via email about my blog. She told me about him and I asked if he would comment – NOT on Amanda Knox/Meredith Kercher – but on safety in study abroad, based on his FBI career. If you listen to the interview that I did with him, it clearly states in the blog posting that this is NOT about the Amanda Knox case. Many people jumped off the interview within a minute or two bc they were looking for "drama" in his interview. There isn't any. My work with him has nothing to do with Amanda Knox or Meredith Kercher – it has to do with how we can prepare students for a more safe experience abroad and how we can encourage schools to create an emergency action plan/team for ANY emergency – a student committing a murder, a terrorist attack, arrests abroad, selecting modes of transportation abroad, etc. Steve Moore has been very professional in NOT commenting on the Knox/Kercher case with me and I appreciate that. I have written in another reply about why I use Amanda Knox's name in my writing – feel free to read that before commenting again. I would again ask that people refrain from commenting on what they THINK I THINK – I may write my opinion one day, and if you all choose to interpret my interest in raising issues with safety/emergency planning as some sort of bias – well, I can't really help you with that. Please find another blogger to discuss the actual crime with – I am not the one to do so with. If you'd like to comment on how Meredith's school's advising process as it relates to picking roommates, finding housing in a foreign country, or some other aspect of how a school can prepare students for safety, please do. Many thanks.

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