Global Ed Consultants: A New Google Group

I recently set up a new google group specifically for Global Education Consultants.¬† In the spirit of collaboration (which is a BIG part of the Melibee Global philosophy,) I reached out to David Comp from International Higher Ed Consulting to ask him to be part of this initiative. He kindly agreed to and is helping to spread the word, because if you know David, he doesn’t have ENOUGH to do! ūüôā (Many thanks David!)

The purpose of this group is to share information about our consulting services, to network, and to discuss the joy (and surprises!) of the consulting field. Our philosophy is that collaboration is MUCH more effective than competition, so we hope to support each other and provide an outlet for discussion, especially since many of us work from home and cannot physically travel to every conference.

Please note that you should be an international education consultant to join this group.  (This group is not for people who are marketing their services to consultants.)

Here is the link to join:

Please help us spread the word! Looking forward to a lively discussion!


  1. GoGlobal says:

    Hi Missy,

    In a recent Collegial Conversation you referenced a presentation you did with Small Planet Studio on establishing consulting fees. Could you please post the link to the presentation?

    Thank you

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